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Engrave a necklace with your unique story

Do you prefer to carry your children, a special word or your loved one with you all day? Then this collection of hand-engraved necklaces is for you. View the collection of engraved necklaces in which you can have a name, word, date or fingerprint engraved. All our necklaces are made of the most beautiful materials: rose gold plated, sterling silver and gold plated. KAYA is known for its great prices, beautiful materials and fast delivery time.

A necklace with engraving is a beautiful and meaningful piece of jewelry

KAYA engraves all its jewelry in a traditional way with a special engraving pen or engraving machine. Each piece of jewelry is made by hand, piece by piece, giving each piece a personal touch. This way you can express your moving moments, special dates, precious friendships or motherly love in a piece of jewelry and tell your own story. The hand-engraved necklaces are inspired by the 'hand-written' letters of the past. Where the modern world is mainly digital, this engraving gives that extra personal touch to this gift. For example, choose a necklace with a name or an initial necklace with the initial of yourself or a loved one, also perfect as a mom necklace ! Pure, artisanal and thoroughly sterling silver, a personal and unique necklace to give as a gift and to cherish forever.

Have the necklace engraved according to your own wishes

At KAYA Jewelry you can have a necklace engraved, entirely according to your own wishes. An engraving of your choice makes the necklace even more special. You can put together an engraved necklace entirely yourself. We have engraving charms in the shape of hearts, stars, discs and many more shapes. We engrave whatever you want on the pendant and mount the charms of your choice on a sturdy chain. This way you can shine every day with a unique necklace with a letter or name, or a bracelet with coordinates of that special place. Do you like to combine? Also have a bracelet engraved , extra fun! Silver through and through, of course, forever beautiful!

A unique piece of jewelry full of emotion

An engraved necklace is a unique piece of jewelry full of emotion that has a special meaning for everyone in a different way. For example, keep your children close to you forever by having a necklace engraved with your children's names. Or go for a silver necklace with a photo engraved in it. You can also have a necklace engraved with a word or phrase that has a special meaning for you. Has a loved one recently passed away? Then it is also possible to have a fingerprint of your deceased loved one engraved on a silver women's chain . In short, an engraved necklace is a unique piece of jewelry full of emotion that has a special value for every person.

Choice of hand-engraved chains or machine engraving

At Kaya we specialize in jewelry engraving . Go for a personal necklace with your name , or have a unique ring engraved . Our engravings are done by hand using an engraving pen. This means that not everything is completely straight and the letters do not all have the same shape. That's the charm of it. If you prefer machine engraving, that is also possible!

Frequently asked questions about KAYA's engraved necklaces

Where can I buy an engraved necklace?

At KAYA Jewelry you will find a wide range of necklaces with engraving. Each engraved piece of jewelry is unique and tells its own story. You can therefore put together the necklace yourself. From .925 sterling silver to 18 carat (rose) gold plated, with or without extra charms and finished off with a personal birthstone.

Can I engrave a gold and silver chain?

A large number of the necklaces with engraving at KAYA Jewelry are made of .925 sterling silver. Are you looking for a gold or rose gold colored piece of jewelry? Then you have also come to the right place at KAYA. These jewelry are essentially .925 sterling silver and obtain their color through an 18 carat (rose) gold plated layer. At KAYA Jewelry you can shop for silver, gold and rose gold colored jewelry, all of which can be engraved according to your wishes!

Can I have a necklace engraved with a date?

Of course! And there is much more possible than a date engraving. How about symbols such as hearts, stars and the infinity sign? The symbol of your own zodiac sign or even a handwritten text, we engrave it all on the necklace of your choice! To make it completely personal and unique, you can even upload a fingerprint for engraving, cool!

Why have my necklace engraved at KAYA Jewelry?

At KAYA we believe that jewelry carries unique stories, and everyone has stories. We largely have our own collection in our shop. And we engrave ourselves with the most professional engraving equipment. From hand engraving to the most advanced laser engraving machine, we have it all. With us you can shop high quality jewelry for a low price. Jewelry for young and old, for men and women. Fast, free delivery is what you can count on from us!

Can engraved chains discolour?

Unfortunately, it is possible for the jewelry to discolour over time. With .925 sterling silver jewelry we call this discoloration 'oxidation', a black layer that can be caused by exposure to oxygen, sweat and other substances such as perfume. Fortunately, you can easily remove this black layer using a jewelry cleaning cloth. KAYA Jewelry therefore sends a KAYA cleaning cloth with every order.

Unfortunately, with 18 carat (rose) gold plated chains it can happen that the gold plated layer of the jewelry comes loose. Whether and when this happens varies greatly from person to person. Any discoloration depends on the pH value of the skin. Wearing the jewelry in the shower and using certain creams and perfumes can accelerate discoloration.

It is important to always take good care of your jewelry. It is better not to store them in damp places and take out your cleaning cloth every now and then. This way you can enjoy your new engraved necklace to the fullest.

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