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wedding gift personalized

Buy a personalized wedding gift

Is someone from your area getting married soon and are you looking for a unique wedding gift? At KAYA you will find what you are looking for! Have a personal text engraved on one of our jewelry or other accessories. What should you have engraved on it? A simple Congratulations, Cheers! or the wedding date is sufficient. Would you like to add more text? For example , Thank you for letting me be part of this special day, then go for a personal wedding gift with greeting card . You will certainly score points with this personalized wedding gift. You give the happy bride and groom a tangible memory of an unforgettable day, how beautiful is that?

Unique and original wedding gift

It is always difficult to come up with a unique and original gift. Especially for such a special occasion like a wedding: you really want to go all out. With a piece of jewelry or accessory from KAYA's bridal collection you always give an original wedding gift. How about a cool wine opener with engraving? Or go for a classic set of cufflinks with a personal print. You can of course choose to give this wedding gift at the wedding, but it can also be done earlier. Who knows, the bride or groom might like the piece of jewelry so much that they will wear it during the wedding.

Jewelry: a lasting wedding gift

A major advantage of a KAYA accessory or piece of jewelry as a wedding gift is that it remains beautiful forever. It is a lasting memory of a very special day. How nice is it when you can give this memory to the bridal couple as a gift? Your order is made with love by us and packaged in a luxurious jewelry box. A party to open and so the piece of jewelry always remains beautiful. You can store the jewelry neatly in this closed box: this makes it a truly lasting wedding gift.

Gift for wedding sister or friend

Is your dearest sister or best friend getting married soon? Of course you surprise her with a personal wedding gift. For example, consider a bracelet or necklace from the sisters or friends collection. You can buy this personalized bridal jewelry for her and for yourself as a gift for a bridesmaid . This way you can match and she will always feel your presence close. The ideal wedding gift for a girlfriend or sister is one that you have thought about. A tangible memory of a special day, selected and personalized with love, you can see and feel that in it. Which personalized wedding gift will you surprise the bride with?

Personal wedding gift by post

A nice tip to surprise the bridal couple before the big day: send a personal wedding gift by post. Consider, for example, a personalized set of cufflinks for the groom and a beautiful pair of earrings for the bride. A handwritten text on the enclosed greeting card makes the package extra personal. I wish you a wonderful day. All happiness and love. Lots of love. Now that's an envelope full of love. Did you know that all KAYA Jewelry packages fit through the letterbox? That's ideal, because you don't have to stay at home for them and you can easily send them as a gift to someone else.

Wedding gift idea: personalized jewelry

You already read it: the perfect wedding gift is a personalized piece of jewelry for the bride and groom. From bracelets and necklaces to cufflinks and wine openers. At KAYA Jewelry you will find a suitable gift for every bridal couple. They will both shine when they open the loving package. The personal engraving makes the wedding gift extra special: you have put time and love into this. The bridal couple will be forever grateful for this symbolic wedding gift.

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