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A tangible memory through KAYA's memorial jewelry

The tears for the loss of a loved one are heavy, but the beautiful memories remain. How beautiful it is when you can make these memories tangible through a commemorative piece of jewelry. The piece of jewelry can help you come to terms with the loss. You literally wear your loved one on your heart, on your wrist or with a ring on your hand. A beautiful way to honor the lost person; because in every tear a beautiful memory glitters & in every piece of jewelry this glitter reflects.

Memorial jewelry with its own story

At KAYA Jewelry we have a wide range of commemorative jewelry. This wide range, in combination with your personal contribution, makes every piece of jewelry unique. Every piece of jewelry with fingerprint, handwritten text or photo tells its own story. A story that you can share with your loved ones to ease the pain. The piece of jewelry therefore carries a unique & valuable charge. A tear, tied to a smile.

Souvenir jewelry with a handwritten text

A sweet card, an old love letter or a valuable drawing. You always get a warm feeling when you look at the keepsake jewelry. At KAYA Jewelry we can engrave handwritten texts, drawings or symbols into a piece of jewelry for you. For example, you wear a necklace with a fingerprint close to your heart. The ring with handwritten text is in direct contact with your heart via your ring finger & the precious drawing will never fade through a bracelet with your own drawing .

Memorial jewelry with name or initial

You can also choose to wear a loving piece of jewelry with your name or initial. You can also make this piece of jewelry completely unique. This is due to the wide range of engraved jewelry, the choice of different fonts & the option to order many of our jewelry in .925 silver, 18 carat gold-plated gold or 18 carat gold-plated rose gold. You can remember the loved one with a classic ring with initial, a silver ladies bracelet with engraving or an elegant letter necklace . The piece of jewelry becomes extra personal when you hang a birthstone on it, in memory of the sparkling life of the loved one.

This is how you capture the memory

We would of course like to deliver a valuable commemorative piece of jewelry like this as quickly and perfectly as possible. For this reason, we give you a number of tips to make the process as easy as possible for you and us. First of all, it is nice for us when the fingerprints, text & drawings are as clear as possible. Preferably black on white, if possible. Make sure the text is easy to read and avoid too small details for a good result. Take a good photo of the desired print & easily upload it via our website. You can always contact us for questions & advice about a souvenir piece of jewelry. You can do this by sending an email to [email protected] . If you would like to receive an answer faster, send a message in the chat.

Think of me…

Your father passed away last year, and suddenly you find a postcard from him among your old papers, where he signed his name in that familiar handwriting of his. With a curl like that underneath, which he always did... Tears well up in your eyes, out of sadness, but also because it's nice to find that memory of him for a moment. You were actually going to file a tax return, so you opened your paper and junk drawers, and now you're standing there with that card in your hands. As far as you're concerned, that tax return can wait a while... Recognizable, right? I know. That is why we make memorial and mourning jewelry at KAYA: We have found a way to make a wonderfully beautiful keepsake of such a memory with a piece of paper with handwriting.

Your father's handwriting immortalized

Today's technology stands for nothing, and with the help of your smartphone, our computers and engraving machine, we ensure that your father's handwriting is immortalized on a silver piece of jewelry. Send us a photo of the postcard, the signature on his passport, the note your mother wrote, that drawing from your child, the love note your partner wrote for you... We will make something beautiful out of it for you. We are happy to work with your wishes to create an unforgettable piece of jewelry.

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