How to take care of new jewelry?

Great! You have ordered a KAYA Jewelery, received it as a gift or you are about to place an order. At KAYA we believe that every piece of jewelry carries a unique story. It is a warm memory of a special person or event. It is therefore important that this unique piece of jewelry can last a lifetime. We give you six maintenance tips so that your new jewelry remains beautiful for years to come.

1. Your jewelry should be the last thing you wear in the morning. Only wear the jewelry after you have applied deodorant, perfume, body lotion, hairspray and/or perfume. The substances in these products can affect the jewelry, causing dullness and possible discoloration. So do not step into the shower or pool with your jewelry. For the same reasons, your jewelry is the first thing you take off at night. Make sure that the jewelry does not touch, for example, your make-up remover.

2. Store your jewelry neatly in a dark, dry place with a soft surface. This prevents the jewelry from discolouring due to exposure to light. The soft surface prevents scratches and other damage to the jewelry. You always receive KAYA jewelry in a jewelry box or silk pouch, so it's good to keep!

3. Prevent oxidation of your silver jewelry. Oxidation is a natural process in which the silver material reacts to (oxygen) substances in the air. The jewelry becomes dull and a black layer is formed over the jewelry. By following the tips from point 1 - last and first off - you reduce the risk of oxidation. If your jewelry has unexpectedly changed color, don't worry! You can gently polish the jewelry to remove the black layer. KAYA sends a silver polishing cloth with every order.

4. Prevent discoloration of your gold-plated jewelry. At KAYA you can shop 18 carat (rose) gold plated jewelry. The word gilded indicates that the piece of jewelry is not through-and-through (rose) gold. The base of your jewelry is Sterling silver, a thin layer of 18k gold is applied over this. This technique is called electroplating. This is and remains a layer that can wear out over time. To minimize the risk of discoloration, use the tips from points 1 and 2.

Good to know: discoloration is partly caused by the pH value of the skin. Even if you follow the above tips carefully, your jewelry can still discolour due to a high pH value.

5. Prevent scratches on your jewelry. Can we completely prevent scratches on a piece of jewelry? No, small scratches on your KAYA Jewelery are unfortunately unavoidable. We process all jewelry ourselves; machine or by hand. This means that no 'factory' coating has been applied to the jewelry, we are (fortunately) not a factory. Because of the engraving, polishing and polishing, our jewelry (and that of other engravers) always has very fine scratches. If you have opted for more charms on your chain, you should also take into account that scratches will occur when the charms move over each other. As far as we are concerned, the charm of a traditional product, your jewelery comes to life by wearing it.