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bracelet with fingerprint

Personal and unique: a bracelet with fingerprint

This special piece of jewelry has an invaluable meaning. With KAYA fingerprint bracelets you always carry a piece of your loved ones with you. The unique print of your children, partner or a loved one who is no longer there is immortalized in a special bracelet. At KAYA we work with high-quality materials such as 925 sterling silver, 18 carat gold-plated gold and high-quality stainless steel, without having to pay the top price. We use advanced engraving techniques to apply the prints to the charms, so that the jewelry always retains its shine and a clearly visible fingerprint.

A fingerprint bracelet is a special gift to give

If you are looking for a fingerprint bracelet, KAYA Jewelry is the right place for you. Our collection continues to grow, so that there is a suitable, personal piece of jewelry for everyone. You can even combine the fingerprint with a letter charm or personal (handwritten) text to make the bracelet even more special. Every piece of KAYA jewelry is beautifully packaged, ready to give as a gift. This beautiful gift is a way to pamper yourself or someone else, and to always keep your loved ones close to you.

An extensive choice of fingerprint jewelry

In addition to the bracelets, you will also find many other fingerprint jewelry at KAYA. For example, you can combine a necklace and a fingerprint bracelet into a unique set. We have a beautiful .925 sterling silver necklace with a fingerprint in the collection, which you can personalize with various pendants and charms. If you prefer to wear a ring with a fingerprint , you can also go to our webshop for that. If you need help finding the perfect piece of jewelry, don't hesitate to contact us. We are happy to assist you!

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