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sisters bracelets Attach your sister's bond with a beautiful piece of jewelry

Myself and my sister Rianne have a very good bond. She is just a bit more stubborn and tough and very sweet. Our sisterly bond goes even further than that of my best friends, one word is enough for us. We have been together since birth and have been through a lot together. In honor of our bond, I designed the 'sister jewelry' collection with sister bracelets, sister necklaces and special gift boxes. Because sisters are always there for each other!

Sisters jewelry, for children and for women

The sisterly bond is to be cherished. To symbolize the love between you and your sister, you can buy unique sister jewelry. Because whether you are old or young, sister's love is forever. That is why almost all sister jewelry is available in both children's and women's sizes. Wear these sisters' bracelets and necklaces with pride and show that you belong together. By wearing this jewelry together you are always connected and you can also show others that you are sisters. In the webshop you will find various sister jewelry that you can give to your sister as a gift. This way you have a beautiful bracelet or necklace with a letter for your sister, but you also have a unique sister's jewelry for yourself. Are you looking for a gift for your sister? Then you've come to the right place!

Sisters forever, the most beautiful sisters necklace or bracelet

In our wide range you will find various sister jewelry, from beautiful necklaces to the nicest bracelets . You can choose a standard model, but there are also sister jewelry that you can personalize. For example, you can engrave something on a charm or engrave a bracelet with your own text. It's all possible at, so you can show your sister how much you love her. There are various sister jewelry you can choose from. Two sisters, connected by two unique bracelets. These sweet sisters children's bracelets are made with pearls, pink crystals and silver-plated engraving hearts. Pink refers to the color and warmth of the heart and represents unconditional love. Thanks to the 3 cm extension chain, the straps can be worn longer and they do not become too small so quickly. In addition to these beautiful sister bracelets, we also have various sister necklaces. For example, the infinity sign is very popular on jewelry, this sign symbolizes infinity, power and love forever.

Engraved sisters jewelry, a unique gift for sister

You can use the sisters' jewelry to symbolize different sayings and quotes by having them engraved in the jewelry. We also have jewelry that is already engraved with a unique quote. For example, we have a bracelet with the text 'I love you to the moon and back'. You will also find necklaces with the most beautiful sayings that symbolize the love between sisters. Of course you can also choose something else to have engraved in the necklace or bracelet. Consider, for example, initials, names or your sister's date of birth. You can also give a sister's jewelry as a gift with a greeting card with a sweet message on it. You can easily order such a unique gift for your sister online in our webshop. Do you have a question about one of our jewelry or about engraving a sister's jewelry? Please feel free to contact us, this can be done via our live chat, but you can also send an email to [email protected] .

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