Can silver jewelry discolor?

Silver jewelry has been very popular for years. The stylish piece of jewelry fits with almost any outfit and is easy to combine. So it's no surprise that we are all fans of this timeless accessory. Perhaps you recently shopped for a new silver bracelet, or you may have inherited a silver necklace from your (great) grandmother. Of course you want to keep these jewelry forever, so are you curious: can these silver jewelry discolour?

Discoloration in silver jewelry

Contrary to popular belief, silver jewelry can unfortunately discolor. This process is called oxidation: a chemical reaction that can make silver dull or brown. Silver jewelry discolors quickly for some people, never for others. Just like with discoloration of gold -plated jewelry, this has to do with the acidity (pH value) of the skin. Contact with chemicals in, for example, shampoo, body lotion or perfume can accelerate the oxidation process. A good tip to prevent this: do not put on your jewelry in the morning until the end of your morning routine. In the evening you take them off again first.

freshwater pearls

We see more and more that freshwater pearls are used in silver jewelry. Pearls are a natural product. The surface of a pearl is soft, which means that substances such as hairspray, deodorants or other cosmetics can damage the surface of the pearl. This also applies here: avoid contact with water and do not wear your jewelry during your morning or evening routine.  

How do you prevent discoloration of your silver jewelry?

Fortunately, discoloration of your silver jewelry can be prevented. Do not wear your jewelry while showering, swimming or using cosmetic products. Do you know that you have a slightly higher acidity? Give your jewelry some rest now and then: don't wear them every day and store them neatly. At KAYA Jewelry you will always receive a luxury jewelry box or satin bag in which you can store the jewelry. More tips to keep your jewelry neat? We previously wrote an article about maintaining your jewelry .

Tiffany heart with pearl silver

What to do in case of discoloration of silver jewelry?

Is your silver jewelry unexpectedly discolored? No worries. Oxidation of your jewelry is very easy to remedy. For example, at KAYA Jewelry you will receive a silver polishing cloth with every order. The polishing cloth is prepared with a soft polish, so that your jewelry quickly shines again. No silver polishing cloth at hand? With the tips below, your jewelry will be silver again in no time.

♡ Use silver polish: you can buy this at the drugstore. You can clean the jewelry with the brush with a soft cloth. The jewelry is as good as new again.

♡ Make a mixture of warm water with salt. Wrap your jewelry in a thin layer of silver foil and place it overnight in the mixture. Remove the jewelry from the foil again, rub it with a soft cloth and voilà !

♡ Put a little bit of toothpaste on a toothbrush and rub it gently over the jewelry. After rinsing and drying, your jewelry will shine like never before.