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necklace with name

Necklaces with names are popular

The named chain is rising in popularity. We increasingly see celebrities mixing & matching the popular name necklace with other necklaces or a matching bracelet. What is the reason we see this trend? We believe that 'little things mean a lot', this one piece of jewelry means a lot to the wearer. The name of your loved one or that of your children incorporated into a necklace ensures that you can always carry them close. And because it is your unique personal piece of jewelry, it deserves to be seen!

Your children always at heart

Nothing stands between the love between a mother and her children. Immortalize this loving bond between mother and child with a beautiful name necklace made of real silver or gold plated. Every mother will cherish the necklace with name as a special piece of jewelry! Combine it with a letter necklace , cool! Each personalized necklace is neatly packaged in a luxurious jewelry box. You can be sure that you will score points with the sweetest mother with this gift!

Most popular name necklaces

We have listed the top 5 most popular name necklaces for you. This way we can help you make a choice that suits you.

  1. Necklace with name 'Olivia'
  2. Necklace with name 'Elegant Bar'
  3. Necklace with name 'Flat Bar'
  4. Necklace with name 'Classic Bar'
  5. Necklace with name 'Infinity'

Mom necklace: Necklace with name

A necklace with name is a personal piece of jewelry for mom or yourself. We have different types: necklace with letters or a complete necklace with name. This personal piece of jewelry is the perfect gift for mother or grandmother. Give her a silver name necklace and you have an ideal gift for Mother's Day. Our name necklace can contain all the grandchildren's names, or just one name necklace. With a silver chain, this becomes a piece of jewelry to always wear with your heart.

A unique name necklace, made especially for you

Symbolize the love for your children, your partner or BFF with a name necklace! Each piece - with craftsmanship and attention - made in Sterling silver, Gold or Rose gold plated. The jewelry from the KAYA Jewelry brand is stylish, timeless and classy. In addition, the name necklace can be combined very well with other jewelry from our collection. Do you prefer to wear silver or do you prefer the gold name necklace ?

Necklace with name for mom

A beautiful necklace with names and/or birthstones for mother, grandmother, sister or friend: the ideal Eid gift . Most mother pendants can be engraved (on the front or back) with your child's name or date of birth, making them extra special. Practically everything can be engraved: handwriting, fingerprint, image or text in any font: it is possible.

Symbol family or extended family

Every family is unique. But it's all about love, unity and eternity. Necklaces and pendants with mommy symbols underline this. Family members together form a circle - as a symbol of unity and eternity - or a heart - as a symbol of love. Plated in .925 sterling silver or gold, but always with a reference to mom (and/or dad) and the children in the family.

Mama necklace: Engrave text or saying

A special saying or your own text... everyone who knows love has a certain story or a special text with a special meaning. That especially applies to mom. Fortunately, there are pieces of jewelry that can accommodate all of that. Sharply engraved, in any font or design you want. Literally a silver or gold plated necklace with a story.

Give your daughter a necklace with name as a gift

Giving a piece of jewelry becomes even more special by adding an engraving of your choice. Did you know that you can put together the necklace with name yourself? We have engraving charms in the shape of hearts, stars, discs and much more. We engrave whatever you want on the pendant and mount the charms on yourpersonalized chain . The most unique and personal gift for your little princess. Would she rather not wear a necklace? A bracelet with a name is just as special!

Order a necklace with my name

Of course you can also just go for a necklace with your own name. We see this trend more and more often, also among celebs! Treat yourself to a trendy name necklace, completely in your own style. Are you going for the my name necklace in silver, gold or rose gold? And do you keep it subtle or are you looking for something tough and coarse? It's all possible at KAYA!

Mix & match name necklace

The KAYA Jewelry collection contains many necklaces that can be mixed & matched with the name necklace. If you combine chains with each other, this is also called layering. You will be making multiple layers. You can choose to make a set of chains with the same color, for example all silver chains for women . Although nowadays we also see 'wilder' combinations, where silver and gold are worn together, combined with, for example, a glittering birthstone . Tastes differ, the choice is huge. What are you waiting for, mix & match your unique piece of jewelry!

Say it with just the right words

Do you find it difficult to find the right words to say that your mother, partner or aunt is the sweetest person? Then say it with a jewelry greeting card from KAYA. You can leave a sweet message on the greeting card, extra personal! The name necklace is beautifully packaged together with the card in a luxurious jewelry box and voila, your gift is ready to give.

have a necklace made with your name

Want to have a necklace made with a name for mom? At KAYA jewelry you can buy the most beautiful name necklace. In real silver, handmade and with a short delivery time. Simply from a Dutch studio, made with care for mom. You are looking for the perfect necklace for yourself or for your wife. A personal piece of jewelry of the highest quality, made with care. Actually the perfect gift for Mother's Day, Christmas or mom's birthday. A personal gift is what mom wants most. A special piece of jewelry that says how much you love her. That you selected all by yourself and had it made especially for her. KAYA jewelry has what you are looking for! The personal jewelry on our website is especially for mom. Then you have the children's names put on a silver chain, or you buy a chain with a letter. A necklace with name is the best gift. Mom can show this off to friends or with her children at work. It is also a very good idea as a maternity gift! This way she can proudly carry her children with her after maternity leave. A gold chain with a name is also possible, but unfortunately the costs for pure gold are a lot higher these days. Silver name necklaces are therefore much more popular.

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