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charm bracelet

Charm bracelet: the perfect gift

Looking for a nice gift for your child, mother or grandmother? A charm bracelet is unique, personal and timeless. This children's or women's bracelet is the ideal gift for any occasion. At KAYA you can choose from a wide range of charms with which you can give a very special gift. Because we know how nice it is to give or receive a gift in special packaging, we always give you this for free. We always pack the charm bracelet in a luxurious jewelry box. You can write a personal message on the included card, so that your gift becomes even more personal. And with the free cleaning cloth supplied, the jewelry can always be polished again so that you can look radiant again.

Charm bracelet child

Is a charm bracelet suitable for children? Yes correct! If you receive a child charm bracelet as a young child and receive a new charm every year, over time you will have a bracelet full of beautiful memories. This way you always carry all your precious moments close to you. At KAYA you can choose from a fine link or a somewhat coarser link. Because children are growing and one child's wrist is not the same as the other, you can choose the length that fits nicely.

Silver charm bracelet and charms

A charm bracelet is a very personal gift for mothers. Each charm has a special meaning and the bracelet can be expanded over the years with new charms. A beautiful image in silver, for example, a birthstone or a charm engraved with a name or symbol.

Charm bracelet | Always unique

At KAYA we love it when you can put together a bracelet entirely to your own taste. So that you will soon have a unique piece of jewelry that suits you completely. Choose your bracelet, add the charms and we will put it all together for you. The material you can choose from is .925 sterling silver, 18 carat gold with a silver core (gold plated) or Rose gold with a silver core (rose gold plated). And then of course the charms ! We have our own unique KAYA collection for you to choose from. How about a round letter charm or a mini initial. Do you engrave the name in a charm or perhaps you have a drawing that you would like to have engraved? Do you prefer the simplicity of a fingerprint or do you prefer glitter and a birthstone bracelet suits you? Mix and match until you have created the perfect silver charm bracelet . You can of course also hang these charms on a charm chain .

Charm bracelet of TOP quality

We have been putting together our own collection for years. Through our years of experience, we have developed our jewelry into real gems. The clasps are extremely strong carabiners and in our workshop we engrave the jewelry and put them together exactly the way you want. Each piece of jewelry is checked by hand before we prepare it for shipment. When it comes to quality, the bar at KAYA is extremely high. This way we can guarantee TOP quality to our customers.

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