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Mama gift with meaning, for the sweetest mother

Are you looking for a mom gift or a sweet and original gift for Mother's Day? Her birthday, because she is always there for you or just because she is the sweetest mother? Then choose a piece of jewelry, the 'always-good gift' for every mother. Especially if you have children's names or dates of birth engraved in it, or if the jewelry gives meaning with our Swarovski® birthstones. A beautiful gift for the dearest mom, she will proudly wear this mom gift close to her heart!

Buying a gift for mother? Give a piece of jewelry with special meaning

Spoil your mother with an original mommy gift that you have chosen especially for her. You don't have to make it too difficult for yourself; we have listed the most popular gifts for mother. For example, give mom a bracelet or necklace with her name and create an invaluable gift. KAYA makes real silver mother gifts with names, words or special dates. At KAYA you can personalize silver jewelry with children's names, words or special dates. Each one is made from the most beautiful materials such as sterling silver and Swarovski (birth) crystals. For example, have you taken a look at our collection of personalized rings ? Or how about a unique plate bracelet with engraving? The love for your children enclosed in a special piece of jewelry, how beautiful is that? New in our collection is the birth flower necklace , a lasting bunch of flowers of inestimable value.

Gift for Mom

She's the most important person in your life... your mother. And so the gift for her must also be very special. That's exactly what we do: make special gifts for moms. Necklaces, bracelet and rings, all made just that little bit more personal by engraving or, for example, birthstones. Usually made of sterling silver (.925), but sometimes also plated in gold or another material.

Buy mom & me bracelet sets as a gift for your mother

A popular item from KAYA are the mother and daughter bracelet sets. These bracelet sets are super sweet to give as a gift to your mother. With the wide range, there is always something suitable. Go for the sweet mom & me bracelet set made from the most beautiful freshwater pearls, or choose a set of classic bangle bracelets . You can also choose to go for the silver bracelet set, a timeless piece of jewelry. Extra nice: every mom & me bracelet set comes in a sweet gift box. You have also come to the right place if you are looking for a gift for dad , faith jewelry and mother daughter bracelets .

The most beautiful gift for mother is children's feet around her neck

Are you looking for a gift for mother? The love between mother and her children is forever, nothing is more beautiful than children's feet around her neck. This feeling has been the inspiration for KAYA's collection of mother jewelry. Give her a beautiful maternity gift with a name by having a piece of jewelry engraved especially for her. Would you also like a birthstone? Then view our collection of birthstone jewelry. Everything is possible, from children's feet, dates of birth or a special word. With this gift for mother she carries her children close to her heart. So you really want to go all out for a mommy gift. Give ladies jewelry as a gift!

Order a gift for mother online

Looking for a unique mom gift? Choose beautiful mom jewelry from KAYA Jewelry. A beautiful self-composed charm bracelet or necklace for women is always popular with mothers and is therefore always a suitable gift. In our webshop you will find various mom jewelry that is the perfect gift for a mother. You can choose to wear the same necklace as your mother or a matching link bracelet .

Personalize gift for mom

To make the gift (for mother) even more personal, have the necklace, bracelet or ring engraved . You can choose to put a name or date in it or a beautiful text that suits your mother. You can give a gift for mother for her birthday, but also just to show that she is the best mother for you!

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