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heart charm

Charm of a heart

Beautiful to receive and beautiful to give: heart charms. The charms with hearts symbolize infinite love. Whether it is the love between two friends, between mother and daughter or your unconditional love for your pet, everything is possible at KAYA. If you order a heart charm in combination with a bracelet or necklace, we will attach the charm(s) to the jewelry for you. This is how we turn every piece of jewelry into a loving gift. For the sweetest grandma, your cool niece or just for yourself. Because everyone is happy with a luxurious piece of jewelry with heart charms .

A heart pendant on a chain

Do you still remember that necklace with a heart charm that you received from your first love? Or that friendship necklace with broken hearts, which you secretly wore with more than one best friend. And grandma's necklace, with a gold heart pendant? You read it already, the necklace with a heart pendant is timeless, always good. Who knows, you might now buy a necklace with a heart charm for your daughter, and she will later pass it on to her (grand)child, how cool would that be! By placing the heart pendant on a ladies' necklace , you literally carry love on your heart. The heart pendant on a chain is therefore of invaluable emotional value for young and old. Who will you gift a box of love to?

Wide choice of heart charms

From fingerprints fused together in the shape of a heart to a heart charm on a necklace or bracelet, at KAYA you will find an extensive collection of heart charms. You can convey your message with a simple convex heart. Would you rather make it a bit more personal? Have a heart charm engraved with a sweet text, names, dates or symbols. This heart-shaped charm symbolizes the love you feel. Whatever you're looking for, KAYA has the charm for you.

Silver heart pendant is always a good gift

You can make any woman happy with a silver heart pendant. Have the heart attached to a necklace, bracelet or even a ring and you have put together a beautiful gift. We package the jewelry with silver heart in a luxurious jewelry box: ready to be given. Our silver pendants are made of the highest grade .925 sterling silver, so they remain beautiful forever. With your order you will receive a silver cleaning cloth from us to neatly polish the jewelry.

Gold charm of a heart for a luxurious look

With our gold plated charms you have a beautiful gold-colored charm. Gold plated means that the jewelry is silver on the inside, with a (rose) gold plated layer on top. This way you can shop gold-colored jewelry with a very luxurious look at a very affordable price. You can also have us attach the gold heart pendant to a piece of jewelry. Do you surprise her with a necklace or bracelet? Did you know that you can also use some heart charms asearring charms ? One thing is certain: she will beam with this gift!

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