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At KAYA we believe that jewelry symbolizes special events, relationships and memories. It is a tangible memento of that one moment. Thanks to a personal necklace, ring or bracelet, you can carry these special moments with you forever. Do you want to tell your best friend that you will always be there for her? Or do you want to thank your sister for the great bond you have together? For all these special occasions you will find beautiful personalized jewelry as a gift at KAYA. View the different collections for babies, weddings, communion gifts , key chain teacher and many more special jewelry pages!

Jewelry with meaning

Whether you are looking for a special gift for your partner, your mother, your sister or your best friend. At KAYA Jewelry you are always in the right place. Here you will find the most beautiful children's, men's or women's jewelry with meaning. You can choose a beautiful necklace, a set of earrings or an elegant ring or slave bracelet . To make this special jewelry even more unique, you can have it engraved with names, dates, symbols or even your own handwriting. A beautiful memento of your loved ones through specialmemorial jewelry . This way you can give a nice message with the special jewelry. We at KAYA design special jewelry to capture special moments. For example, think of a unique gift for father or a key ring with a name . Say 'I love you' by giving a piece of jewelry from one of these unique collections.

Various special jewelry for the perfect gift

A gift can be given on different occasions. At KAYA you can shop special jewelry for baptisms, birthdays, Mother's & Father's Day and wedding. KAYA Jewelry is also the right place for the perfect maternity gift with a name . A unique piece of jewelry is a special and valuable gift for every occasion. A reminder of the moment and the love you have for each other. How about a sweet mother-daughter, father-son or even three-generation set? That way you are always connected.

At KAYA, every piece of jewelry is neatly packed. Thanks to the luxurious jewelry boxes for necklaces, bracelets and earrings, your gift is immediately ready to be given. You will receive loose charms in a beautiful satin bag & with Mother's Day, Father's Day, Sint & Christmas you will even find a special party packaging on our site. You can store the jewelry neatly in these boxes & bags, so they remain beautiful forever!

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