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A birth jewelry as a tangible memory

It is the most beautiful moment of your life: the birth of your child. After a wonderful pregnant period, he or she is finally here. And let us tell you, the clichés are true: make sure you enjoy every moment because the years will fly by. A tangible memory of this special time is therefore a very valuable asset. A birth jewelry will remind you years later of how small your child was. At kAYA you will therefore find luxury jewelry that you can also personalize. Because you now like to share the name you so carefully selected with all your loved ones. A baby bracelet with name is perfect for this. We think it is important to inform you that the bracelet should only be worn by your child under the supervision of an adult. It is above all an item to cherish your beautiful moments together, a tangible memory for later.

A birth jewelry for mom

A birth jewelry is not only a beautiful memory of the birth of your child, but also a unique gift for the new mother. After 9 months of pregnancy and perhaps a difficult delivery, mom also deserves a nice gift, we call this gold bar. As a partner, you tell the mother of your child that you are proud of her through a mommy jewelry . For her, this is a nice token of appreciation and also a tangible reminder of her pregnancy. It is a nice way for mom to always carry her little one with her. For example, consider a classic necklace with the name or initials of your little miracle. Or go for a subtle bracelet that you can personalize for both mom and baby. Mother and daughter wear the same birthstone bracelet and are now forever connected.

Personalized jewelry as a birth gift

Has your sister, best friend or cousin recently gotten older? Congratulations! Before you visit the little one, you will of course look for a unique birth gift. A personalized gift with the baby's name is always popular, according to various studies. At KAYA you will find jewelry for the whole family, so you can surprise the proud mom and dad with a beautiful piece of jewelry. From a cool leather bracelet for him to a subtle necklace for her. The new parents now always carry their great love with them. You can have a bracelet personalized for the baby with name, birthstone and symbols, how nice is that? At KAYA you can order your birth gift easily and quickly online. We ensure that the jewelry is luxuriously packaged and shipped quickly, so you can have a maternity visit tomorrow. And one thing is certain: thanks to this original maternity gift with name, you will give a memory for life.

Birth jewelry made from the most beautiful materials 

Because the birth jewelry is a memory for later, it is important that it remains beautiful for a lifetime. At KAYA we therefore only work with the most beautiful and sturdy materials. Many of our baby and mom jewelry are made of .925 sterling silver, the highest grade of silver. Our gold- and rose-colored jewelry is also silver at its core, they are covered with a gold-plated color layer. We recently expanded the collection with a wide range of stainless steel jewelry. Sturdy material that is fortunately also very affordable. Thanks to their sustainable nature, jewelry from this collection makes a beautiful birth jewelry. Would you also like to surprise the dad of the family with a beautiful piece of jewelry? Our luxury men's bracelets are made of high-quality PU leather and stainless steel.

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