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Locket from KAYA Jewelry

Maybe you know it from your grandmother: a medallion pendant with a photo of grandfather. They are still in love after all these years! At KAYA we believe that you can tell a great story with a subtle medallion. Whether you keep it for yourself or want to share it with everyone: you always carry your most precious memories with you. Our collection consists of medallions in different shapes and sizes: from subtle rounds to a heart with a vintage finish. Whatever your story, at KAYA you will find a suitable medallion.

Have a medallion made with a photo

A picture says more than a thousand words. You therefore capture a beautiful memory of that one person or that special moment in a medallion. From the outside this looks like a very subtle piece of jewelry, but on the inside you will find a valuable story. A cheerful picture of your kids, a beautiful portrait of the dog or just like grandma, carry your loved one with you. The locket is also a very beautiful way to commemorate deceased loved ones. Keep their life story safe in the locked locket until you are ready to open it.

Give a personalized photo locket as a gift

A locket necklace or bracelet is also a wonderful gift to someone else. Are you proud of your best friend who just became a mother? We can already see the maternity tears flowing when you present her with a medallion with a photo of you two. Has your daughter graduated and is she going to explore the world? She does not forget her parents thanks to the medallion containing a family portrait. When you give a medallion as a gift, you give more than just a unique piece of jewelry. You give a warm memory, a sweet keepsake and a radiant smile.

Which medallion photo is suitable

Small but nice: most medallions are not that big in size. This means that the photo that you want to place in the medallion will not be large. So keep this in mind when choosing your favorite photo. What is also very important: the photo must be of good quality. A blurry photo will not turn out pretty when placed in the locket. For a medallion it is best to choose a portrait photo. One that clearly shows faces. If you choose a photo that shows you from head to toe, there is a good chance that too much detail will be lost. No problem, of course, if you do choose this: then you keep the precious memory you have with this photo even more to yourself.

Have a medallion made, how does that work?

We have different medallions in our collection. First you choose the color, do you go for a silver medallion or a gold medallion ? The gold medallion is silver in the core, with a real gold layer over it. Then you choose the shape; we have round medallions, oval and heart medallions, some also finished with a vintage look. Many medallions can be further personalized by having an engraving applied to them. Often a name, initials or date is engraved, which engraving do you go for? And finally, you choose whether you want a necklace with the medallion , a bracelet or rather nothing because you already have a beautiful piece of jewelry on which the medallion can be worn.

And that's why you buy a medallion at KAYA

You can buy a medallion at KAYA Jewelry because we specialize in personalized jewelry . We engrave everything at our office in Leiden, exactly the way you want it. Often the same day, so that you can wear your personalized locket the next day. Each product is packed in a luxury gift box. So are you going to give it as a present? It is delivered ready-to-use in a luxurious jewelry box or silk pouch. With card where you can write your personal message.

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