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A special Eid gift for a woman? Shop a piece of jewelry for Eid al-Fitr!

You have been looking for a suitable Eid gift for your wife during Ramadan. Our tip? Spoil the sweetest lady in your area with a beautiful ladies' piece of jewelry. During Eid at the end of the fasting month, you and your friends and family can enjoy a fun day with lots of delicious food. When it's time to surprise each other with beautiful Eid gifts, take out the luxurious KAYA Jewelry gift box. Every lady loves jewelry, especially now when you have visibly spent a lot of time and attention selecting and putting it together. The personalized necklace, bracelet or ring that you have chosen for her will immediately make her shine. Then she sees the personal Arabic text that you have engraved on the jewel, she thinks it's beautiful! This unique jewel symbolizes the loving bond you have with each other. Every time she wears the jewelry, a smile appears on her face.

Eid al-Fitr gift for three female generations

The festive celebration of Eid-al-Fitr is of course mainly about getting together with friends and family. You celebrate that you have had a special spiritual experience together and you feel a lot of love for each other. This is a great moment to capture the special bond between grandmother, mother and (grand)daughter. As a proud father or grandfather, you really appreciate these lovely ladies and you like to let them know how proud you are of them. That's why you surprise all three of them with a personal piece of jewelry that symbolizes the bond between the three women. For example, consider a luxurious set of grandmother, mother and daughter bracelets with an Arabic text engraved on it. Or give 3 unique necklaces as a gift, so that the women always have each other's hearts in mind. A beautiful gesture and you make three very strong women shine in one fell swoop.

The personalized Islamic gift for women

At KAYA we strongly believe in the story behind a jewel. A beautiful accessory completes your outfit, but the personal story that comes with this piece of jewelry makes it truly valuable. In our jewelry webshop you can therefore personalize every Islamic gift for men and women to your liking. From adding symbolic charms and birthstones to placing an engraving or handwritten text. You tell us your wishes and we will immediately start working for you with love. This way, every piece of jewelry is unique and you can be sure that no one else will wear it the same way. Moreover, we only work with the most beautiful materials, so that the piece of jewelry remains beautiful for a lifetime. For example, choose from .925 sterling silver, 14 carat gold plated or sturdy stainless steel, the classic pearl necklace is also a great choice. Take a sneaky look at her jewelry box and you will discover what suits her best. By personalizing the piece of jewelry with a lot of care and attention, you will certainly score points this Eid.

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