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paw print engraving

Your baby's handprint or footprint in a piece of jewelry

Little hands and little feet, can it get any cuter? So beautiful and valuable to capture this forever in a piece of jewelry. No piece of jewelry tells a more beautiful and unique story than a piece of jewelry with a hand or footprint. Because the prints are unique, no one has the same print as your little one. That's why these jewelry are so special.

At KAYA Jewelry we want the jewelry with hand or footprint to fit you perfectly. Therefore, the prints can be engraved on various jewelry, in silver and gold plated, on a necklace or bracelet. So that you can really wear something special that shows your love for the little one. For example, you can choose a bracelet with the footprints of your newborn child or a gold chain with the handprint of your proud two-year-old. With us you will always find a piece of jewelry with a hand or footprint that suits you perfectly.

Necklace with your baby's footprint

Do you want to take the little one with you everywhere and carry it close to you? This can be done by having the footprint engraved on a chain. Every time you touch the necklace, you feel the love and connection with your little one. It's as if the 'little one' is never far away, even when you're not together for a while. How beautiful is that!

This necklace is such a beautiful and lasting memory of the first moments with your newborn child. The love you felt when your little one was sleeping on your chest for the first time and the invisible bond between you that had been so strong since birth. What special moments and how they fly by. Nothing is more beautiful than keeping memories, captured in a necklace with a footprint. You will then carry the little one close to your heart forever.

Have your print of baby hands and feet engraved

How sweet are your little one's cute hands and feet. But how she has grown in recent weeks! Having the hands and feet of your newborn child engraved is a beautiful way to capture this moment forever.

You can create a perfect memory of your child's way-too-cute little hands and feet with a foot-handprint jewelry. Whether it is a necklace, bracelet, or even cufflinks, the engraved jewelry carries a piece of this memory. Every time you look at the piece of jewelry, it reminds you of the first moments with your newborn child.

Baby footprint without ink

But how do you make those cute hand and footprints without making a big mess? Don't worry, KAYA Jewelry has the solution! You can easily make a print by using an ink pad that is available in the webshop. And did you know that making footprints and handprints using the ink pad is 100% safe? Your little one's skin does not come into contact with the ink.

Have a unique handprint engraved on Father's Day

Who doesn't know the homemade Father's Day gift: a work of art with a handprint in paint, made with love by your little one. But unfortunately, the homemade work of art does not last forever. How beautiful it is to capture your child's handprint forever in a piece of jewelry. Every time Dad sees the bracelet on his wrist or the cufflinks in his shirt, it feels like the little one is close to him. This piece of jewelry ensures a beautiful Father's Day with an extra dose of love.

Give a footprint necklace or bracelet as a gift on Mother's Day

Mother's Day is the day you put the most important woman, the mother of your child, in the spotlight. Surprise her with lots of love and hugs from you and the little one. But how do you ensure that this day is unforgettable? The perfect gift is a footprint necklace or bracelet. Because of the cute feet of the little one, there is so much love in the jewelry, this will melt her heart. The most beautiful Mother's Day gift to give!