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Keychain with name, text or a drawing

A personal gift for on the go. At KAYA Jewelry you can have your own key ring made. We engrave names, dates and your own text or drawing. A tangible reminder of home with the underlying message; drive safe. Engraved deeply and razor-sharp with our laser engraving machine, it will not wear away!

A handwritten note from your grandmother, a beautiful drawing from the kids or a sweet card from your friend. With our laser engraving machine we turn this into a super personal key ring. Take a picture of the text, upload it and voila, very quickly in your mailbox

Brightening up the bunch of keys

Whether you only have a bicycle and house key, or whether you own a whole range of keys. It's always nice to brighten up the bunch of keys. A nice memory of your loved ones and, moreover, your forest is easy to recognize. Now you can have your key ring made extra personal at KAYA Jewelry. You put it together yourself. Read more about the options for making the key ring below.

Keychain with own handwriting

With our laser machine we engrave your own handwriting on a key ring super fast. A special note from your child? A small text from an old letter from Grandpa? Take a photo of this text and upload it easily via the website. We will engrave the personal text on the key ring, so you always carry your loved ones close.

Keychain in different shapes

We have a wide range of key rings. With us you can choose from a round, oval or heart-shaped key ring in different sizes. That makes these personal key rings truly unique. Upload your photo or text, choose the desired shape & check the mailbox the next day!

A unique gift for him & her

A personalized gift that is suitable for any occasion. For example, you can give the key ring as a gift to your best friend, who has just obtained her driver's license. Your daughter going to live on her own? How nice is it to give her a key ring for her first home. A personal gift on behalf of the kids? For Mother's & Father's Day, give the heart-shaped key ring with name as a gift. Also cool: thank teacher or master with a key ring ! A unique gift that fits every key ring!

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