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A unique gift for grandma

The birth of a grandchild is something very special. Whether she is becoming a grandmother for the first time, or whether she already has a number of grandchildren: Grandma is always very proud. She prefers to have her grandchildren close by at all times. And that's possible! With a unique personalized piece of jewelry from KAYA Jewelry . Have the children's names engraved in a piece of jewelry and grandma will never have to miss the grandchildren again. Grandma will automatically shine when you give her this special gift. Extra fun: the children will also beam with pride when they see grandma with this meaningful piece of jewelry.

Gift for grandma from grandchild

Her birthday, an anniversary or just because she is the sweetest grandmother in the world? Give her an original gift that you have chosen especially for her. The bond between a grandmother and her grandchildren is forever, capture this bond in a personal piece of jewelry. For example, go for a 3-generation set for grandmother, mother and daughter(s): forever connected. Did you know that at KAYA Jewelry you can also have handwritten texts or even drawings engraved on jewelry and accessories? This way the grandchildren can really make a piece of jewelry themselves: a very special gift for grandma, of inestimable value.

Grandma gift

Grandma is not only the grandmother of your children, she is of course also a mom herself! In principle, every bracelet, ring or necklace for mom can also be given to grandma, but we have a few pieces of jewelry that are very special for a grandma with grandchildren. Available in stainless steel, .925 (sterling) silver or gold plated, and with or without birthstones. Always special and personal, and delivered quickly.

Charm grandma | Expand your jewelry

What makes grandma so special? Maybe she is the funniest, toughest or sweetest grandmother. Or she tells stories to dream away about. You have had a fantastic holiday together and are making the most beautiful memories. Expand your jewelry for grandma with cheerful charms, which symbolize her fantastic qualities and your most beautiful moments together. How about a crown, for example, because grandma is your queen. Or do you opt for a ladybug, as a reminder of that one picnic in the park. You have chosen this piece of jewelry with great care and attention and grandma loves it! The most beautiful gift for grandma on behalf of the grandchildren.

Jewelry grandma

Which piece of jewelry do you give grandma as a gift? It is good to first find out whether she prefers to wear silver, gold or perhaps rose gold jewelry. Give her a bracelet or necklace with her name as a gift, which will automatically make her shine. Highly recommended: you can have a personal text engraved on the classic bangle. Do you want to give the piece of jewelry extra meaning? The birthstone jewelry symbolizes the birth months of the grandchildren, too nice!

Jewelry for grandmother & grandchild

Are you a grandmother yourself and would you like to surprise your grandchild(ren) with a meaningful gift? Give a personalized piece of jewelry as a gift. They will be so proud of this gift put together by grandma. A piece of jewelry that will be kept for a lifetime, because of the valuable meaning it has. Would you also like to treat yourself to a new piece of jewelry? Shop a set for grandmother and grandchild to match together. This way you are forever connected, how beautiful is that?

Grandma necklace

Looking for a unique necklace for grandma? You've come to the right place at KAYA Jewelry. You can put together our necklaces yourself with engravings and symbolic charms. From a classic infinity necklace to a birthstone necklace , the possibilities are endless. You can have a sweet text or the names of the children engraved on the necklace. This necklace is the most beautiful gift for grandma: she always carries her grandchildren close to her heart.

Gift for Grandma

Customers who order from us increasingly do so not only for a new mother, but also for Grandma's birthday or a golden wedding, for example. The grandchildren then offer a nice gift, in their own name of course. How nice is it to surprise Grandma with a beautiful necklace that includes all the children and grandchildren? What would you choose for Grandma? Below are a few examples, which are often chosen especially for grandma.

Pendant 'Dearest Grandma'

Well, how clear can you be? Giving a beautiful grandmother jewelry to your mother shows that you are not only happy with her as a mother, but also appreciate her as a grandmother to your children. It is a beautiful saying that shows love very clearly for her. It is a thank you for her efforts in raising you, and now lending a helping hand in raising your own children. This piece of jewelry has already shed many tears of joy and gratitude.

Birthstone Pendant

Sometimes it is difficult to have a piece of jewelry engraved for Grandma. Because suppose your brother has another child in 2 years' time... That won't be on that hanger! And in what order should you actually have the names engraved? You give the gift alone, so should only the names of your children be on it? Or all of Grandma's grandchildren, even if they don't pay for the gift? And should the eldest go first, or do you think your sister-in-law will be angry if you let your children engrave first? In some families these decisions come very easily. In other families a little more difficult. Make it easy for yourself by choosing a piece of jewelry with birthstones. IN some cases you can add stones later, and the new baby can still be there with his or her birthstone! One option is this beautiful heart , with engravings of her children engraved in it. A symbol of Motherhood is also often chosen for Grandma, after all she is the Mater Familias. A subtle family necklace like this shows that her Motherhood is appreciated, and is sometimes just a more elegant choice for an older lady.

Create your own unique piece of jewelry

We are increasingly asked to think about a piece of jewelry for Grandma. We have already made countless bracelets and pendants, which were specially designed and put together for grandma! Take a look at our necklaces or bracelets and you will quickly get some great ideas!

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