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Charms | For charm bracelet or charm necklace!

How beautiful is that; For each person or each important moment in your life you choose a charm for your charm jewelry. At KAYA Jewelry we transform your life story into a highly personal charm bracelet or necklace. The charms are each made from the most beautiful materials such as .925 sterling silver, freshwater pearls and Swarovski crystals. Choose your charms, we mount it on your jewelry, package it beautifully and voilà: a personal gift!

Charms for mom

Looking for charms for your dearest mother? A bracelet or necklace with charms is the ideal gift for mother . At KAYA we have a wide range of charms to personalize your bracelet or necklace . For example, choose a charm to engrave children's names or go for a classic ladybug, four-leaf clover or the angel. A charm is a precious item that contains a piece of mom's heart. Due to the great price and sentimental value, our charms are the number one gifts to give to your mother. Want to match your mini-me as a mom? Order a child charm bracelet !

Choose the charms for your personal jewelry

The charm bracelets from our collection are extremely popular and very suitable as a gift, for someone else or for yourself. We also see that the charms are also worn mix & match on a chain. And once you have a piece of jewelry for it, how nice is it to give or receive new charms as a gift every year! Due to the wide choice of silver charms , there is a suitable charm for everyone and for every occasion. How touched your mother, grandmother or mother-in-law will be when she takes the piece of jewelry out of the packaging; one bracelet or necklace with so many beautiful memories! A charm jewelry for mom is the perfect gift to keep your (grand)children close to you. For example, you can choose to hang a birthstone charm on the charm bracelet or you can have the names of your children engraved in the charms. All charms can be ordered separately from us. Also fun: shop the same piece of jewelry with charms in a smaller version for your child. This way, mom and her mini-me can shine together.

Your unique piece of jewelry with charms of your choice

At KAYA you can put together your own charm bracelet or necklace with charms . This is super simple, unique and very valuable. You can also give the necklace or bracelet with charms as a very good gift. Choose from one of the bracelets or a necklace for ladies and then put it together with your own chosen charms. From glittering crowns to birth pendants, there is a suitable charm for everyone. Do you want to make your charm bracelet extra personal? Then choose charms on which you can have a special message engraved. You can engrave your name, a special date or a meaningful word or symbol. A charm bracelet or necklace is not only very nice to receive, but also very nice to give as a gift. All jewelry is luxuriously packaged in a jewelry box or pouch, ready to give!

How do you make a charm on your charm bracelet?

An old-fashioned charm bracelet does not have clasps on the charms, they are neatly attached to the bracelet with an open ring. A much nicer effect than with clasps in between, because they only lengthen the charm by an ugly piece. Directly on the bracelet is much nicer. But how do you do that properly? If you buy a separate charm from us, you will have to attach it to the bracelet yourself. We always make sure that there is a good ring on it, with which you can attach it to a bracelet or necklace. And then you follow the steps:
- Grab the ring between two pliers, and make sure that the opening of the ring is between the two pliers.
- Turn the two pliers at a 90 degree angle away from each other. So do not open the ring (because then the ring will deform), but twist the two ends away from each other. Turn one tongs towards you and the other away from you. Now hook the open ring to the charm and through a link of the bracelet or chain, and turn the ring between the two pliers in the other direction. So close!
- Do not bend the ring open in the wrong way, otherwise it will be almost impossible to close the ring properly again.

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