How do I choose the right size bracelet?

Do you have the perfect bracelet in mind? Before you enthusiastically click 'buy', let's make sure that bracelet fits like a glove. So, let's see together how we can ensure that you can score the perfect bracelet with the right size.

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How do I find out which size I need?

Before placing the order, it is wise to measure your wrist. Below we will describe two different ways to measure the pulse.

♡ Method 1
It is best to measure the wrist with a flexible measuring tape. You wrap the measuring tape around your wrist where you want to wear the bracelet. Make sure the measuring tape fits snugly against the skin, but make sure it is not too tight. Then read the wrist circumference in centimeters.

♡ Method 2
No flexible measuring tape at home? Do not panic! You can also measure the circumference of your wrist with a strip of paper and a ruler. You wrap the strip of paper around your wrist. Make sure the paper fits against the skin, but make sure it is not tight. Make a mark on the paper where the two sides overlap. Then place the strip of paper against the ruler and read the number of cm where you placed the line. Voilà, you now have your wrist size!

How do you measure your wrist size for the correct bracelet size?

Which size bracelet do I choose?

Remember that your wrist size is not the same as your bracelet size; add a few centimeters to your wrist size to get the correct bracelet size.

♡ For children's bracelets: Add approximately 1 cm to the wrist size for the correct bracelet size
♡ For women's bracelets: Add approximately 1 cm to the wrist size for the correct bracelet size
♡ For men's bracelets: Add approximately 2.5 cm to the wrist size for the correct bracelet size

Many children's and women's jewelry has an extension chain of approximately 3 centimeters so that you can adjust the bracelet slightly for an optimal fit. Unfortunately, there is no extension on the men's bracelet.

Determine size for a bangle

Do you have a nice bangle, also known as a bangle bracelet, in mind? Calculating the size of a bangle bracelet works slightly differently than with other types of bracelets. To make it easy for you, you only need to know the wrist size.

♡ If the wrist size is between 13 and 14 cm: go for the children's size
♡ If the wrist size is between 15 and 16 cm: go for the teenager/ladies small size
♡ If the wrist size is between 17-19 cm: go for the ladies medium/large size

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Age advice

Many of our products have an age recommendation, but remember: this is more of a general suggestion than a strict rule. Since people are different, the age is not always exactly appropriate. Moreover, if you prefer to wear the bracelet a little looser or a little tighter, this will have an impact on the bracelet size. It's all about your style and your choices!

Please note that this is advice we give, we cannot guarantee that you will always buy the right size this way. We are not responsible for choosing the correct size.

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Author: Tanja Rakhou is the owner of KAYA Jewelry. The jewelry webshop for personalized jewelry for a competitive price and good quality.