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earrings ladies Silver earrings to complete your outfit

Looking for a sweet gift? KAYA has an extensive collection of women's earrings with real cut crystals and gemstones. Set in jeweler's quality (.925) silver, extra strong. Our range of silver earrings consists of about 60 different earrings. Do you want to surprise your wife or girlfriend with silver earrings? Then take a quick look at our range of silver earrings in many trendy designs and colors.

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Earrings, many ladies and girls have them in their ears. This women's jewelry is often used to complete an outfit. There are many different women's earrings, such as pendants, studs,silver hoop earrings and even more types. They also come in different styles, so you have very chic earrings with beautiful diamonds, but also cool earrings in various shapes. Are you looking for a pair of beautiful ladies earrings? Then you have come to the right place at KAYA . In our webshop you will find a wide range of women's earrings in various styles and sizes. We have beautiful silver buttons that are available in different shapes. From angel wings to hearts, we also have beautiful silver earrings with diamonds. You can easily order the silver women's earrings online, they will be delivered in a beautiful jewelry box. They are also very suitable to give as a gift to someone.

Silver earrings for women, from studs to pendants

For yourself or as a gift for someone else? You can't go wrong with the silver earrings from KAYA Jewelry. You can give these ladies earrings for different occasions, but you can also wear them at various moments. You can find very neat and chic earrings in our range. Including our silver infinity earrings, these studs are in the shape of the infinity sign and have beautiful crystals. The ladies' earrings are packaged in a pink jewelry box with a silver polishing cloth, so they can be given as a gift. A small but grateful gift that she can wear every day. All our earrings can also be easily combined with the other jewelry from our range, so that the picture is completely complete. For example, you can choose to combine our beautiful women's earrings with a beautiful women's necklace , a women's silver bracelet or other women's jewelry .

Earrings made of top quality silver and gold

You will find the most beautiful women's earrings at KAYA Jewelry. Besides the fact that these earrings are beautiful and stylish, they are also of excellent quality. All our earrings are made of the best materials, such as .925 silver or 18 carat gold plated, so the earrings last a long time. And with the included silver polishing cloth you can neatly polish the earrings in between to keep them beautiful for even longer. These earrings make a great gift; beautiful mother's day jewelry .

Because KAYA Jewelry cares for all children, the brand donates an amount to the Giving Back Project foundation in Gambia for each piece of jewelry sold. This foundation makes it possible for children in Gambia to go to school and we are of course happy to help with that. This way your purchased piece of jewelry might become even more special.

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