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Bracelet with name

Are you looking for a name bracelet for the dearest daughter, mother or grandmother? Have a name engraved in the bracelet ! How beautiful is it to summarize love in a unique bracelet! All bracelets from this collection tell their own story with engraved children's names, dates of birth or charms with special symbols. This way you carry your loved ones close every day. Sterling silver through and through, so beautiful forever.

Top 5 Bracelet with name

At KAYA Jewelry we specialize in personalizing jewelry. A bracelet with a name engraved in it is one of the most popular items in our collection. Because we know that it is sometimes difficult to choose, we have listed the top 5 bestsellers for you.

  1. Slave bracelet with name : this is a classic that never gets old!
  2. Personalized bracelet 'Classic Bar' with a charm of your choice
  3. Jasseron charm bracelet with name charms : to be put together according to your own taste
  4. Cute balls bracelet with name charms : mix & match with other charms of your choice
  5. Infinity bracelet with name : to confirm your love forever ♥

A bracelet with the names of her child for the dearest mother

We know better than anyone how special our mothers are. When it's her birthday, you want a sweet, personal and unique gift. Surprise her this year with a bracelet with the name of her child(ren), then you can be sure that you are in the right place! At KAYA we have a suitable bracelet with name in the collection for all mothers. First you choose the model that suits your mother. Does she like it sleek and simple? Then the Slave bracelet is a good choice. A Classic Bar bracelet is always good. Do you like to give a new charm every year? Then we recommend the Jasseron or Cute Balls bracelet on which you can hang charms as desired. You can choose from different fonts for the engraving. From cool to classic font and everything in between, we can make it for you! And this is how you put together a unique bracelet with name for your mom, the sweetest in the whole world!

Bracelet with name for mom

There is no more beautiful and personal gift than a mother bracelet with name and/or birthstones. Or a bracelet for grandma, sister or girlfriend of course. With a name engraving, date of birth, fingerprint, child's drawing or image and even your child's handwriting.

Engrave the bracelet with the child's name, date, letter or symbol

At KAYA we are specialized in designing bracelets with names, words, a bracelet with a letter or dates of birth. You can also always add a symbol to the engraving. The most popular symbol is of course the heart ♥! For example, give a brand new mother a bracelet with the name of her child. The date of birth can be engraved on the back. A bracelet with the child's name is also a wonderful communion gift . And how about a beautiful set, where you combine the bracelet with a beautiful personalized necklace . Whatever you choose, we make it with love for you and send it in a beautiful gift box. Ready to give as a gift!

For men, you can shop a leather bracelet with name or initials engraved

Are you looking for a sturdy men's bracelet with name? At KAYA you shop jewelry for the whole family. A unique name necklace for mom, a cheerful set of earrings for the little princess and cool leather bracelets for father and son. These leather bracelets with name or initials are extremely popular and the perfect gift for dad or grandpa. Shopping for the same kind of jewelry for every family member? Think of a plate bracelet with engraving!


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I also have my name engraved on the inside of the bracelet?

Yes, with most name bracelets you can choose an engraving on the inside. For each product you can see whether an engraving on the back or inside is possible. Is it not listed or can't you find it? Our customer service team is happy to help you further. We understand that you don't always want your personal message to be visible to the whole world. If you want to have the name or names engraved on the inside, we will do that for you!

Can a different text be engraved on a personalized bracelet?

Yes that is allowed. You can choose what you have engraved. We call it a name bracelet because we see that a name is the most chosen text. The name of a loved one, names of children or your own name. But if you want to place a quote, a date or place, or a text of your own. We do not care. If you stay within the maximum number of characters, we will engrave the bracelet with your personal text. The maximum number of characters differs per piece of jewelry. You can find this in the product description.

Do you also have personalized bracelets with beautiful quotes?

Yes, we have very nice personalized bracelets. A big favorite are the bangles with beautiful quotes and inspiring texts in the collection. Our bestseller is the 'I love you to the moon and back' bangle . Beautiful on the outside. And how sweet to engrave children's names, dates of birth or a sweet saying on the inside of this bracelet. The model is simple and chic and completes every outfit. Also very nice in combination with several gold ladies bracelets . Of course you can also have your own engraving printed on the outside of this bracelet.

Where can I buy a ladies bracelet with name?

At KAYA Jewelry you will find a wide range of ladies bracelets that you can personalize with, for example, a name or date. Each piece of jewelry is unique and tells its own story. You can therefore compose the piece of jewelery all by yourself. In different colours, with or without extra charms and you finish it all off with the personal engraving.

Are the name bracelets made of real silver?

A large part of the bracelets with name is made of .925 sterling silver at KAYA Jewelry. The gold and rose-colored jewelry is also often .925 sterling silver in the core. They obtain their color through an 18 carat gold-plated layer. However, some jewelry is made of stainless steel (stainless steel), an affordable material that can last a lifetime. Always check in the description of your desired piece of jewelry which material it concerns.

Can personalized name bracelets discolour?

As is usual with silver and gold-plated jewellery, it is possible for jewelery to discolour over time. Personalized bracelets with, for example, a name engraved in them can unfortunately discolour a bit. With .925 sterling silver bracelets we call the discoloration 'oxidation', this is a black layer that can arise from exposure to oxygen, sweat and other substances such as perfume. Fortunately, you can easily remove this black layer with the help of a jewelery polishing cloth. KAYA Jewelry supplies a KAYA cleaning cloth with every order to polish your silver jewelry completely.

With 18 carat gold-plated jewelry, it can happen that the gold-plated layer of the jewelry comes loose. Whether and when this happens varies greatly from person to person. Any discoloration depends on the pH value of the skin. Wearing the jewelry in the shower and using certain creams and perfumes can accelerate the discoloration.

It is important to always take good care of your jewelry. Avoid keeping them in damp places and take out your cleaning cloth once in a while. This way you can enjoy your new piece of jewelery to the fullest.

What is the delivery time if I have my name engraved on a bracelet?

Delivered quickly and luxuriously packaged, these are core values of KAYA Jewelry. When you order a bracelet with a name, we will get started right away. Most bracelets ship within 24 hours. From the moment of shipment, the average delivery time within the Netherlands is one to two working days. Shipments to Belgium take an average of five working days to arrive. Some jewelry has a longer delivery time, these are a bit more complicated in the personalization process. We therefore state an expected delivery date on every product page. Before placing the order, always check the expected delivery date of your jewelry. We charge no shipping costs for your letterbox package when you spend € 20 or more.

Can several names be engraved on one bracelet?

Yes, you can choose how many names you have engraved on a bracelet. You are bound by a maximum number of characters. How much that is varies per product. So check with the bracelet you have chosen how many names you can put on it. Isn't it enough? Then in many cases you can also have the inside engraved. This way you can lose twice as much text! If you have enough space at the front, you can use the back or inside for a nice message or, for example, the dates of birth. This way you put together your unique personal piece of jewelry all by yourself!

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