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birthstone earrings

Birthstone earrings

For many mothers, birth is the most special moment in their lives. The birth of new life, finally you can hold that sweet beautiful baby in your arms! At KAYA we believe it is important that precious moments are cherished. That is why we have birthstone earrings in our collection. We have studs and earrings with pendants. They are small, fine and subtle yet sparkling and radiant. This way you can always carry your child close in the form of these beautiful earrings with colored stones, exactly in the color of the birth month of your little one.

You can combine earrings with birthstone!

We have put together a beautiful collection of birthstone jewelry for you. You can combine the earrings with a birthstone with a necklace, bracelet or ring that contains the same stone. Handy if you have more children, you can purchase their own piece of jewelry for each child, or have each child's own stone attached to the piece of jewelry. You can also choose loose birthstone charms from us, which you can attach and wear exactly the way you want. Would you rather have us do it for you? We are happy to do it for you! With an extra drop of solder so that we are sure that you will not lose your precious stones. Are you curious about the complete collection? Then view the birthstone jewelry collection now.

Silver birthstone studs and earrings

All our birthstone studs and earrings have a .925 silver core. The best silver you can get, the same quality as what you buy at the jeweler. If you like gold but want it to be easier on your wallet, go for gold plated. Then you get earrings that are made of .925 silver at the core, but are made of real gold on the outside. They have been in a gold immersion bath, which is how they get the gold color. The luxurious appearance of gold, without having to dig deep into your pockets. Because at KAYA we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to shine with these beautiful earrings with precious memories.

Which color stone in the earrings corresponds to my month?

Each month is characterized by its own color. They each have their own meaning. At KAYA we work with crystal clear Zirconia stones in exactly the right color for that month. Below you will find which color suits your month. If you would like to read more about the underlying meaning of the birthstones, read our blog about the gemstones per month .


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