How can you take your jewelry on holiday?

I'm going on a trip and I'm taking…

Are you going on holiday soon? Then you naturally want to look radiant! In addition to your most beautiful outfit, bikini and sunglasses, jewelry should of course not be missing in your suitcase. Which jewelry ladies you can best take with you on a trip and how do you do this? We tell you!

What jewelry do you take with you? 

Would you like to take your entire jewelry collection with you on a trip? We do not recommend it. This takes up a lot of space and causes choice stress during your holiday. Therefore, think carefully for yourself which jewelry you really want to take with you. Our advice? Always take a basic set and a statement piece of jewelry with you. So you have something for every occasion to complete your outfit. If you're going out for a nice evening, think about a pair of statement earrings or a beautiful necklace with a name . During the day you go for a casual look with an ankle bracelet from the stainless steel jewelry collection .

Lifehack - Store jewelry

Of course you are also careful with the jewelry you take with you. For example, you want to store them neatly and ensure that they are not damaged on the way. We give you some life hacks:

  • For example, did you know that you can use a straw to keep your necklace or bracelet out of knots? Open the closure of the necklace or bracelet, pull the jewelry through the straw and close the closure again! You can always cut the straw shorter if necessary.
  • That stylish watch should of course also be taken on a trip, so you don't miss a plane, train or bus. Roll up a washcloth neatly and place your watch around it. Extra tip: you can carefully store earrings in the washcloth. Because you roll up the washcloth, the earrings cannot fall out!

How to take jewelry on vacation: jewelry organizer

No straws or washcloths at hand? No problem, with KAYA's jewelry organizer you can safely take all your jewelry everywhere! There is room for earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets and much more. With the personalized jewelry organizer you can be sure that all your jewelry will be properly stored. This organizer is not only very handy, but also super stylish and personal. You can have the organizer personalized with your own initials! And did you know that it is available in 3 different colors? You can choose between a black, white or pink organizer with gold or nude print. Which one are you going for?

jewelry organizer with initials