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Birth flower necklace Birth flower necklace from KAYA Jewelry

The world is more beautiful with flowers. Do those colored flowers along the road, in the forest or in the park always make you happy? Thanks to the birth flower necklaces from KAYA Jewelry, you can now always carry these delicate flowers with you. And these are not just any flowers, these flowers each have a special meaning. Birth flowers are all linked to a birth month, so just like a zodiac sign, you also have your own birth flower with special meaning. We liked this idea so much that we collected the flowers to have them engraved on necklaces. Cool, right?

Create a birth flower necklace

Like a real bouquet of flowers, you can put together your birth flower necklace yourself. You choose the necklace with pendant, for example if you are going for a disc or bar, and you pick your own flowers. For example, you can choose the birth flowers of your parents, children or both to create a colorful bouquet. Do you want to make your birth flower necklace extra special? Then have a name engraved next to the flower or opt for a medallion in which you have a beautiful portrait placed on the inside. The best thing about these flowers is that they will not wilt. Do you take good care of your birth flower necklace? Then this unique bouquet will last for years to come.

How many birth flowers on a chain

Of course, we completely understand if you cannot choose between your favorite birth flowers. You can therefore put together a bouquet with four different flowers yourself. We will then neatly place the flowers for you on the piece of jewelry you have chosen. Be careful, some jewelry only has room for one flower. Do you want multiple flowers? So keep this in mind when choosing your birth flower necklace.

Mom necklace: Birth flower necklace

Birth flowers are just like zodiac signs, for each month there is one flower that corresponds to it. This way you wear your family like a bouquet around your neck: a personal piece of jewelry.

You can buy a birth flower necklace online at KAYA

We are very proud of this new collection of birth flower necklaces. We would like to surprise you and your loved ones with a lasting bouquet of flowers that require little to no care. The piece of jewelry you have composed is made and engraved by us with love and precision. We ensure that your birth flower bracelet or necklace is shipped quickly, so that you never have to wait long for your bouquet. Each piece of jewelry is packaged in a luxurious jewelry box with a satin bow, fun to give and receive. This way you immediately have a nice box to store the jewelry in when you are not wearing it.

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