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dog tag jewelry


Engrave dog tag with name and extra options

Are you planning to engrave a dog tag? At KAYA we have put together a beautiful collection for you! You can have the name engraved on all dog tags and you can choose a nice symbol to have engraved with it. If you also want to have the telephone number engraved, that is possible! You can opt for an engraving on the back of the dog tag with name . With the dog tag with name and telephone number, these are both engraved on the front. If you are afraid that your four-legged friend will go for a walk and not return, it is nice if people know that your dog is chipped. This way you can be reunited quickly. Especially for you we have the dog tag with name and the text 'I have a chip' .

Have a dog tag made from stainless steel

Every day you walk outside with your sweet dog(s). Regardless of weather and wind, whether it rains, snows or is 35 degrees, you go out! And then it is nice to be sure that the dog tag is made of durable material. KAYA dog tags are all made of premium stainless steel. We make the engraving ourselves with our engraving machines, exactly the way you want it. By using stainless steel you can be sure that the engraving remains visible and the medal will not rust. This way the name tag of your sweet pet will remain beautiful forever!

Tag for cat or dog

A medal from KAYA Jewelry has a diameter of 20mm. These dimensions make the tags suitable for cats and dogs. They are available in silver or gold. So even if you are looking for an elegant tag for your cat, you have come to the right place.

Dog name tag in silver or gold

Every dog is unique. There is only one like your pet. With his stubborn behavior, sweet eyes and beautiful colors. Because we want your pet to wear the name tag proudly, we have included a silver and a gold medal in our collection. This way you can choose the color that best suits your dog or cat. So what will it be, a round nameplate in silver or gold?

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