The best way to store your jewelry!

Of course you want to take care of your favorite jewelry with as much love as possible. If you take good care of them, they will last a lifetime. We now know that it is better not to swim, exercise, shower or sleep with your jewelry. Doing so increases the chance that your jewelry will discolor. But where do you put them when you take them off? We have listed a number of handy tips for you to store your jewelry in the best possible way!

Leaving jewelry lying around, not very useful

You don't wear all your jewelry every day, ladies often have more than one set. Leaving your jewelry lying around is therefore not very convenient. The chance of losing and discoloring your jewelry is therefore much greater. And that would of course be a shame! A silver piece of jewelry will eventually oxidize. Oxidation is a chemical reaction that is caused by, among other things, exposure to sunlight and air. This will cause the jewelry to turn black and it can get a dull look. While wearing your jewelry, it is already exposed to a lot of light and air. That is why it is best to store your jewelry properly when you take them off. Preferably in a dark and dry place, so you don't have to polish your silver as much as possible.

At KAYA you get a luxury jewelry box and a silver polishing cloth with every piece of jewelry you order. You can easily store your jewelry in that jewelry box, but probably not all your jewelry will fit in there. We at KAYA have of course also thought of that!

Jewelry Organizers

You can store all your favorite jewelry in our jewelry organizer. This trendy organizer in pink, white or black has three handy storage compartments with a zipper and a strip for earrings. This way your earrings, necklaces and favorite bracelet all have their own place. Sort the jewelry into the compartments, roll up the organizer and press it shut. tada! This way your jewelry is protected against sunlight, air and moisture. Have your jewelry organizer personalized with your initials in nude or gold. A real must have! Put it in your bedroom or take it with you in your bag. This way you can easily and safely take your jewelry anywhere. Super handy and it also looks nice, win win!

PS: Also very handy if you want to take your jewelry with you on a trip!

Leather jewelry organizer

Do you want to store your silver jewelry for a longer period of time?

Maybe your grandmother gave you a beautiful necklace and you don't want to wear it until you are a bit older. Of course you want to keep that necklace carefully! The best way to do that is in a plastic bag, from which you have extracted as much oxygen as possible. Then put it in a storage box or organizer, so that your jewelry will oxidize to a minimum. Is your silver jewelry a bit oxidized? Don't worry, with a silver polishing cloth you can make your jewelry shine again!

So pay close attention to where you put your jewelry when you take it off & store your jewelry with as much love as you wear it. That way they will last the longest!