How to make a good footprint and handprint

Little hands and little feet, can it get any cuter? So beautiful to capture this forever in a piece of jewelry. But how do you make those cute prints without causing a big mess? Don't worry, KAYA has the solution! In this article we share useful tips and tricks to easily make hand and footprints. We guide you step by step to creating a perfect memory of your child's little feet and hands.

And did you know that making footprints and handprints in the following way is 100% safe? Your little one's skin does not come into contact with the ink.

Bracelet coarse jasseron with handprint

Step 1: Get everything ready

Stamp pad (incl. blank sheets of paper and instructions)
Measuring 8 x 12 cm, these stamps are perfect for children up to one and a half years old, depending on the growth of your little one.
♡ Your little one
♡ If necessary, ask someone for help to make the print as good as possible

Step 2: Make a footprint or handprint

Follow the steps below to make the print:
♡ Place one of the sheets of paper on a flat surface. Place the ink pad on top of that, with the ink side facing down. The ink side can be recognized by the red sticker.
♡ Place your child's foot or hand on the ink pad and press gently. Don't do this too hard or the print will be completely black.
Tip: Start with the bottom of the foot or hand and then slowly let the toes or fingers stretch and rest on the ink pad. Oh, and don't forget the thumb when you make a handprint, so that it also prints neatly.
♡ Now remove the stamp pad from the sheet of paper.

Make a footprint with an ink pad

Step 3: Check whether the footprint or handprint was successful

The print is successful if a clear shape is visible and the toes or fingers do not overlap.
♡ Not satisfied? The ink pad can be used a maximum of 4 to 5 times. So you can repeat the above steps on a new sheet of paper until you are happy with the footprint or handprint.
♡ Are you satisfied? Then go to step 4, where you can take the photo of the print you just made.

Tips for photo of foot or handprint

Step 4: Take a sharp photo of the footprint and handprint

When you are happy with the print, it is time to take a photo of it. It is important to take a sharp photo, because this also contributes to the quality and recognizability of the print on the jewelry.

The image above gives a good idea of what the photo should look like. And here are some useful tips to help you:
♡ Make sure you are in a bright room when you take the photo;
♡ Hold your phone close to the print, about 6 inches away. Focus on the print by tapping the screen with your finger;
♡ Check whether your photo is sharp before uploading it with your order

Necklace with footprint and name

Step 5: And then order…

Like this! You have selected a beautiful piece of jewelry, taken a clear print of the foot or hand and a sharp photo. When you place your order, you can upload this photo. Are you still not sure which piece of jewelry you want to order? Then view our foot and hand print collection . We are sure that you will find a piece of jewelry here that will melt your heart. Do you want to make the piece of jewelry just that little bit extra personal? Have your little one's name or date of birth engraved on the back of the charm. How cute!

We look forward to making your order with the print of your little one's hand or foot. Nothing is more beautiful than keeping memories. Little hands, little feet, a heart full of love.

Author: Tanja Rakhou is the owner of KAYA Jewelry . The jewelry webshop for personalized jewelry for a competitive price and good quality.