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Mother daughter jewelry

The bond between mother and daughter is forever. How cool is it when you can capture this bond in a symbolic piece of jewelry? Especially for all daughters who want to look like their mothers, KAYA Jewelry has an extensive mother daughter collection. Matching necklaces & bracelets which you can also personalize. For the sweetest mommy and her mini-me.

A symbolic mother daughter jewelry

How symbolic; mom and daughter the same bracelet or necklace. Connected forever thanks to a beautiful mama jewelry . Have your necklaces personalized and wear each other's names. A valuable gift for mom for a special occasion *think mother's day jewelry * or just because you love her. Thanks to our wide range of mother and daughter jewelry, there is something for everyone. Whether you like to wear a cool mother daughter bracelet or prefer a more subtle necklace, Kaya is the right place for you.

Jewelry mother daughter for adults

The strong bond between mother and daughter is forever. Even at a later age it is super nice to always carry each other close. Our mom & her mini-me jewelry is not just for the little ones. You will always be mommy's little girl. You can therefore simply choose to order your mom bracelet or mother daughter necklace in two women's sizes. In addition, some of our mother-daughter jewelry is even available as a 3-generation set . A mother's love is passed on from generation to generation, how wonderful it is when the three of you can carry this symbolically with you. Do you not see your desired piece of jewelry as a 3-generation set? You can often order the jewelry for mother or daughter separately, so that you will still receive three from us.

Mother - Son Bracelets

Jewelry only for girls? Not really! In addition to the collection 'jewelry for mother & daughter', we have cool mother & son bracelets . Together you can take on the whole world! Thanks to a sturdy bracelet with beautiful onyx gemstones, your son will shine all day long. Want to provide the whole family with a beautiful piece of jewelry? Then take a look at the daddy jewelry .

Packaged with love, ready to give

At KAYA Jewelry we believe that a piece of jewelry is a memory of a special moment. It is a gift to yourself or to someone you love. We therefore ensure that all ladies and children's jewelry is packaged with love in a beautiful box or bag, ready to give. When you keep the packaging, you immediately have a nice place to store the jewelry when you are not wearing it for a while.

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