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Zirconia crystal birthstones

Our Zirconia birthstone necklaces are the perfect gift for any mom who likes to carry her children close to her. Each month of birth has its own birthstone, whereby you can make the piece of jewelery even more personal with an engraving of a date of birth and name on various charms . View our beautiful collection of sterling silver birthstone pendants and necklaces. Symbolic to carry your children close to your heart.

Birthstone necklace, a personalized gift

The birthstone necklace is often given to the new mom to celebrate the birth of their sweet miracle. A mama necklace with her child's first name and a Zirconia crystal that symbolizes the month of birth. She will wear this elegant birthstone jewelry every day and cherish it forever. All our birthstone necklaces are made of .925 silver and some with a real gold plating, so they will last a lifetime. This way you get a tangible reminder of the birth of the little miracle. You can be sure that the mother will be touched when she sees this beautiful piece of silver jewelry, made especially for her.

Personalize your necklace with birthstone

At KAYA Jewelry you can personalize a silver necklace for ladies with birthstone to your own liking. With us you have a wide choice of birthstone necklaces, so that there is a suitable necklace for everyone. For example, are you going for a family tree necklace with birthstone, a circle necklace with birthstone, an engraving charm with birthstone or a heart-shaped birthstone? At KAYA Jewelry it is all possible. Choose the desired mom necklace with birthstone and have the name of your child or children engraved in the necklace. Then choose the birthstone that corresponds to the birth month of your child.

The birthstone necklace as a birthday present

The birthstone jewelry is the perfect birthday present. In which month is your BFF, friend or mother's birthday? Symbolize this birthday by gifting a birthstone necklace. Combine it with a meaningful birth flower necklace and the picture is complete. Prefer to shop for a birthstone bracelet ? You can too! Add a personal card & your gift is complete. At KAYA, all birthstone necklaces are beautifully packaged in a pink jewelery box, ready to give!

The birthstones per month explained

Find your birthstone in the list of birthstones below and see which meaning belongs to you!

January – Garnet brings confidence, friendship, willpower and more energy. It encourages faith and honesty.
February – Amethyst helps you to think clearly and to become mentally alert and sharp.
March – Aquamarine helps you to become less nervous and brings love, hope and joy.
April – Diamond makes you feel brave, invincible and healthy.
May – Emerald ensures a good future, loyalty and love.
June – Pearl supports modesty, peace and beauty.
July – Ruby brings happiness, friendship, strength and enthusiasm.
August – Peridot brings success, peace and love.
September – Sapphire represents loyalty, tranquility, faith, wisdom and truth.
October – Opal encourages hope, creativity, peace and innocence.
November – Topaz represents wisdom, courage, sincerity and warmth.
December – Turquoise brings joy, a good future and happiness.

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