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Baby jewelry: a nice and personal gift

A baby jewelry gift is very nice to give to a newborn baby or the first birthday. At KAYA Jewelry we specialize in personalizing jewelry. You can personalize most baby jewelry from our collection with an engraving. You choose the style and text, we do the rest.

Top 5 baby jewelry

Do you find it difficult to choose what to buy for the little one? Below we give the top 5 bestsellers for the newborn baby or the first birthday. Whatever it is, with one of these baby jewelry you will definitely give a unique and personal gift.

  1. Baby bracelet classic bar with a charm of your choice
  2. Baby bracelet classic bar with birthstone
  3. Jasseron baby bracelet with charms and engraving charms
  4. Baby bracelet with infinity sign in greeting card box
  5. Baby pearl bracelet with charm of your choice

Baby jewelry gold & silver can be found at KAYA Jewelry

You can find unique and personal baby jewelry gifts at KAYA Jewelry. With us you will find a wide range of silver and gold baby jewelry for newborn babies or for the first birthday. Much of our jewelry is available in silver, rose gold-plated or gold-plated. The rose gold and gold baby jewelry is made of silver on the inside, with a layer of gold on top. The jewelry was, as if in a golden bath. This gives you a beautiful piece of jewelry for an affordable price. Give your newborn baby a beautiful bracelet with her name engraved on it. Go for a bracelet made of 925 sterling silver, 18 carat gold or 18 carat rose gold, then you will have a beautiful maternity gift with a name !

Jewelry for baby 1 year

The best jewelry gifts are given when the baby turns 1 year old. Because you will never forget your first birthday! She is no longer a baby, but a toddler. Many people often say that after the baby phase comes the toddler phase. But there is a whole phase in between and that is the toddler period. Your baby will then make big leaps and learn many new things. A nice book to delve into around that time is 'oops, I'm growing'.

A baby piece of jewelry, how long is it worn?

For the first birthday it is of course nice to give a beautiful, lasting piece of jewelry as a gift. Because they are still so small, it is nice if the gift can be used or kept for a little longer. Most baby jewelry from KAYA Jewelry is adjustable, so that the necklace or bracelet that the little one receives for the first birthday can last for years to come. Because we send all jewelry in a luxurious gift packaging, you immediately have a nice box to store the jewelry in. For the days when your baby is not wearing the jewelry or when the jewelry has become too small. This way you will always have that beautiful memory of that special moment.

Unique gift 1 year

It is still quite difficult to think of what to ask for or give as a gift for such a little one's very first birthday. But that it must be unforgettable, that is certain. Because the very first birthday is so special! A unique gift when you turn 1 is quite a difficult one. Clothes and cuddly toys are often the standard gifts given when a child turns 1 year old. Clothing is quite sensitive to taste and the nursery is probably overflowing with cuddly toys. An ideal gift for the 1st birthday is a baby jewelry from KAYA Jewelry. That is timeless and will remain beautiful forever. We have a wide collection of the nicest and most beautiful baby gifts.

Is baby jewelry safe to wear?

The baby jewelry from KAYA Jewelry is safe to wear. You will see that we have mainly included bracelets in the baby jewelry collection. That is the safest piece of jewelry for the little ones. The pearl bracelets are made of exceptionally strong wire, making them almost impossible to break. In addition, all bracelets are provided with a good, strong clasp. Every piece of jewelry is personally checked before it is sent. We would not recommend giving a necklace as a gift to a baby or toddler because it may pose a danger. It can of course be given as a symbolic gift, or to wear on that special day you have in mind. But a necklace is not a piece of jewelry to wear every day at that age. A bracelet, that's always possible!

Bracelet for child 1 year old and mother

A bracelet for a child who turns 1 year old is already very nice. But how beautiful it will be if you, as a mother, receive the same piece of jewelry as a gift. Together you already make a beautiful set, now your jewelry also matches! This is also how KAYA Jewelry once started. KAYA, the daughter of owner Tanja, wanted the same jewelry as mom because "Then everyone can see that we belong together" . With that in mind, KAYA Jewelry was founded in 2012. If you would like to read more about the background of the company, you can do so on the page about KAYA Jewelry . And our mother daughter bracelets , we have them in many different shapes and sizes. So that we have something for everyone.

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