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Stainless Steel jewelry from KAYA Jewelry

Stainless Steel is the latest trend in jewelry. And we understand why! Stainless Steel is a super strong type of metal, so it is super scratch-resistant. And what's in a name, it doesn't rust so you can shower and swim with it. Stainless steel is also known as RVS, which is an abbreviation of stainless steel. As usual, you can personalize KAYA jewelry as you wish. A name, letters or fingerprint? You think of it, we make it for you.

Giving stainless steel jewelry as a gift

Looking for a personal gift that will last for years? Then you're in the right place with jewelry made of stainless steel. Due to the wear-resistant nature of the material, the jewelry remains beautiful. So you don't have to worry about discoloration or allergic reactions. And the best gifts are personalized gifts. Let that be our specialty! The ultimate classic is the slave bracelet , where you can choose from your own text or a pre-printed text. Would you like to have a personal message engraved on the inside, that is of course also possible. For the complete collection of stainless steel jewelry, you have come to the right place on this page. Mix & match your stainless steel jewelry set together.

Stainless steel jewelry in gold, what is that made of?

Gold-colored stainless steel jewelry, what are they actually made of? We sometimes get this question, so we're happy to explain it. The base of the jewelry is stainless steel or stainless steel (stainless steel). But that in itself is silver color. The gold color is applied to the jewelry by means of PVD coating. PVD stands for Physical Vapor Deposition. Quite literally, the material is evaporated, causing a kind of oxidation to occur. A (rose) gold color is generated and it adheres to the jewellery. Nice to know: the PVD coating takes on the properties of the material on which it is applied. In this case, (rose) gold stainless steel jewelry is just as strong as silver stainless steel jewelry.

Stainless steel jewelry made of silver

Silver colored stainless steel jewelry is solid stainless steel. Completely made of stainless steel. Can it really not rust? Never say never, if you go swimming regularly and you don't take off the jewelry, it can still be affected by the chlorine. But with normal use you will see that stainless steel will not rust. Not even if you keep it in the shower. Nice to know: stainless steel is a composition of different materials, which makes it super strong. Also known as surgical steel, it is very wearable by people with sensitive skin.

Stainless steel jewelry that continues to sparkle

We work with the best quality stainless steel. That is why our stainless steel jewelry continues to sparkle, even when you go swimming with it! If you want to take your jewelry with you on holiday, we are happy to give you some tips. Read in our blog how to take your jewelry with you on holiday . We are happy to give you practical tips, so that your stainless steel jewelry remains beautiful before, during and after your holiday. And so that you can shine with your jewelry on holiday and in the photos afterwards. Have you posted a nice photo on Insta with one of our jewelry on? We would love it if you tag us in your post too!

Our collection of stainless steel jewelry

With our extensive collection of stainless steel jewelry, it is inevitable that there is something for you. Take a look at our stainless steel bracelets and stainless steel necklaces . Whether you like a sleek silver bangle or an elegant stainless steel link bracelet, we have it. Prefer a stainless steel chain in silver or gold? No problem! And the men have also been thought of. Many of our cufflinks are made of stainless steel . In short; whether you're shopping for yourself or looking for a gift, you'll always succeed at KAYA Jewelry!

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