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Necklace mom

Mama necklace, the best thing to give and receive

Are you looking for a sweet mom gift? Give a symbolic mommy necklace . Whether you have just become a mother or already have three little ones, you are a mother forever! Nothing is more beautiful to wear mom jewelry that symbolizes the love for your children. With a women's silver necklace from KAYA you show that you are a proud mother! If you prefer bracelets, see if our collection of bracelets with name includes a beautiful mom bracelet .

Bond between mother and child

The bond between a mother and child is indescribable. From the moment you are pregnant you know for sure; I am going to love this little creature with all my heart. The intense feeling you can have as a mother when your child presses against you with two soft arms around your neck. No piece of jewelry can compete with that. KAYA Jewelry tries to match this feeling by capturing the symbolism and translating it into a special gift for mother . The mom necklaces symbolize the love and bond between mother and child.

Necklace for mom, will you give her the best gift?

A mom necklace for her birthday, maternity visit, as Mother's Day jewelry or simply because she is the sweetest mom... Nothing is more beautiful to give a piece of jewelry to a mother that symbolizes the love for her children. At KAYA you will certainly succeed with the extensive collection of mom necklaces for (almost) mothers and grandmothers. From birth pendants with baby name & date, family tree necklaces, a necklace with birthstone to engraved necklaces. Also super popular; the initials necklace . All silver mom necklaces are made of sterling silver and are luxuriously packaged.

Mom necklace, carry your children close to you!

The most beautiful mother jewelry is children's arms around her neck! No piece of jewelry can compete with that. KAYA tries to match this feeling with special mom necklaces. She carries her greatest loves close to her heart. How about a necklace for mom in which we engrave the names of her children, with a tree of life charm over it so that you get a tree of life necklace with names . The necklace with name and necklace with letter are popular, you can never disappoint with them. Whichever mother jewelry you choose, you will certainly go well with one of these mother jewelry.

Necklace for the sweetest mother - from KAYA

All KAYA mom jewelry is made of .925 Sterling silver. This is the highest grade of silver, so your mom necklace will last a lifetime. Because our mom jewelry is often given as a gift by fathers or daughters, we package everything beautifully in silk pouches or gift boxes. And if you shop online at KAYA Jewelry, you often receive the gift for mom the next day. Have your name engraved on the necklace for mom and vice versa, forever together! Extra fun: The mom & me sets are easy to expand. So that not only you and mom, but also your sister or grandma, look radiant. If that doesn't impress mom!

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