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maternity gift with name

Give a maternity gift with a name

Choosing a baby name? What a job that is for the expectant moms and dads. But then the birth announcement is proudly received, with the name they have chosen after much deliberation. How special is it to have this carefully selected name on your maternity gift? You are definitely in the right place with this gift because you are giving something truly personal. It is not without reason that a maternity gift with a name is the most appreciated maternity gift from new parents.

Birth jewelry for mother top 5

We understand that it is difficult to choose the right gift. That is why we have listed the top 5 birth jewelry for the new mother for you

  1. Personalized birth bracelet for mother with name
  2. Slave bracelet with name, date or sweet message
  3. Birth bracelet for mother with birthstone and name
  4. Necklace with baby's fingerprint in a heart
  5. Necklace with bar to have your date of birth and name engraved

Birth jewelry for the baby top 5

Would you rather give a gift to the newborn baby? Below you will find our birth jewelry bestsellers for the little ones. All safe for a baby to wear and adjustable in size. A beautiful storage box is included so that the birth jewelry can be stored away forever if it no longer fits.

  1. Birth jewelry baby bracelet classic bar with birthstone
  2. Birth jewelry classic bar with charm of your choice
  3. Simple baby bracelet classic bar with name engraved
  4. Baby charm bracelet made of fine jasseron to put together yourself
  5. Baby bracelet infinty with name engraving

Maternity gift with name and date of birth is a tangible memory for later

In recent years, KAYA Sieraden has specialized in maternity gifts with names. Think of a charm, personalized necklace or bracelet with name . This personalized baby jewelry is not only beautiful to wear, such a piece of jewelry is also a tangible souvenir for later. The extension chain that we attach to all baby bracelets means it will last a few years. Then it goes into a jewelry box for later, together with her first shoe and first lock of hair. To remember how small she was then.

You can buy personalized birth jewelry at KAYA Jewelry

You can't go wrong with an original, personalized birth jewelry. At KAYA Jewelry we specialize in this, so you have come to the right place. So do you want to give something other than the standard maternity gifts, such as a cuddly toy, clothes or a gift voucher? Then choose a maternity gift that is personal! A baby bracelet with name is the perfect example of an original and personal birth jewelry. This way, the new parents will never forget who gave them that special gift.

A maternity gift with a name for mother remains a favorite

A study has been conducted to determine the favorite maternity gifts for mothers (Source: Kidztoday). The top 3 maternity gifts were:

  1. Gift voucher (27%)
  2. Personalized gift (20%) such as a piece of jewelry for mother with the child's name on it
  3. Clothing in size 62 (19%).

This is followed by books, toys, onesies and care products. So now have a birth jewelry personalized with the name of the little world citizen, and you will certainly be in good hands when you go on a maternity visit! Gift tip: a baby or children's bracelet with her name engraved in it .

Personalize birth bracelet or necklace for mother

What's extra nice is that the birth bracelets and necklaces can be personalized with, for example, a name charm, text charm with a personal message or the letter of the child's first name. Parents often choose to engrave the letter or name on the front and the date of birth on the back. Will there be another small sprout? Then you can order a separate charm, so you can make your own unique piece of jewelry and you can carry the children close to you forever. With the latest engraving techniques we can also engrave part of the birth announcement or engrave the baby's fingerprint in a charm.

The same birth jewelry for baby and mother

KAYA Jewelry was created because Tanja's daughter (owner) wanted the same piece of jewelry as her mother. So everyone could see that they belong together. With that in mind, Tanja started putting together a collection of mother daughter bracelets and mother daughter necklaces . That is why almost all birth jewelry is also available in a larger version for mom. A popular maternity gift is the infinity bracelet with greeting card for mother and daughter . Fun to give and fun to receive!

Birth gift for mom and baby

A birth gift is not only for the baby but also for the mother. Of course, the mother can also be pampered after birth. Of course, it is no small feat to bring a little miracle into the world. Here too, a bracelet or necklace with name is a very suitable gift. Each month has a separate birthstone. This way you can also give a nice maternity gift to the new mother. You can also have the ring or necklace with birthstone engraved with the name and/or date of birth of her new child. The silver bracelet is also extremely popular. It couldn't be more unique and personal!

Can I have a birth jewelry engraved?

Yes, at KAYA all birth jewelry can be engraved according to your wishes. We use different engraving techniques. Broadly speaking, we distinguish the following techniques:

  • Hand engraving : the piece of jewelry is engraved by hand using traditional methods.
  • Classic machine engraving : a pre-selected font is engraved into the piece of jewelry with an engraving machine. A very thin layer of the jewelry is, as it were, ground, making the engraving visible.
  • Modern laser engraving : the engraving is, as it were, 'burned' into the jewelry. This makes the engraving black in color. Just like with classic machine engraving, you can choose a font in advance that suits your style and taste. With this technique we can also make fingerprint jewelry or, for example, engrave a drawing in the jewelry.

Give a piece of jewelry at birth that will never be forgotten

Of course you don't want to give a maternity gift that ends up at the bottom of the pile. With a unique and personal birth jewelry you can be sure that this will not happen. You prefer to give an original maternity gift that is often used and that is a beautiful memory for life. KAYA Jewelry has an extensive range of maternity gifts for both mom and baby. We also have jewelry sets that both baby and mom can wear. Are you looking for an original and personal maternity gift? Then you will definitely succeed at KAYA Jewelry!

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