How do you clean silver jewelry?

It is of course never fun if your beautiful silver jewelry turns black and/or loses their sparkle. But, fear not, this is not irreversible. You can easily and quickly clean your jewelry in a few different ways. Below we will explain a number of these methods, but also tell you which ones you should ignore. And finally, we will also tell you how you can prevent it as much as possible, which is nice of course!              

Please note: are you not sure whether your jewelry is made of real silver? Don't start brushing that right away. If you have a silver-plated item, you can only damage it more. With silver-plated jewelry, only the top layer is made of silver. You can damage or even remove this layer if you brush over it too hard. If you are sure that your jewelry is real silver, read on. Then you will soon wear your favorite silver ladies bracelet again with great pleasure!

silver bracelet with engraving

How do I clean my silver jewelry?

If you search the internet, there are probably dozens of ways with homemade remedies to make your jewelry shine again. But wait a little longer before diving into the kitchen. Often these materials are much too corrosive for the soft silver jewelry. While it may seem to work at first glance, it will do more harm in the long run. It affects the jewelry, causing it to be damaged a little more each time.   

How do you make silver jewelry beautiful again?

The best way to make your silver jewelry shine again is to gently polish it with a silver polishing cloth. This is not just any cloth, it is extra soft and impregnated with silver polish. This will prevent you from damaging your jewelry quickly. If you order something at KAYA Jewelry, you will receive a free silver polishing cloth. This is perfect for cleaning your jewelry.

How do you polish silver jewelry?

Do not apply too much pressure, but brush gently over the jewelry. You will often notice a difference quickly, but sometimes you have to brush a little longer. Also, do not throw this cloth in the washing machine, it will lose its effect! It also applies to a silver polishing cloth that the blacker the cloth is, the better it works, so polish well!

A silver polishing cloth will probably go a long way, but if that isn't enough, try the following: you can clean your jewelry with a mild dishwashing liquid. Massage the jewelry with a little dreft or another type of detergent without chemicals. Then rinse the jewelry with some lukewarm water. Then you can dry the jewelry with a cloth. Try to use a soft cloth that does not fluff too much. Of course you don't want your jewelry to be covered with fluff or scratches afterwards. If your jewelry has spots that you can't reach yourself, you can also use a soft (tooth) brush. Make sure you don't use anything that could scratch the jewelry.

What is the best way to store my jewelry?

Prevention is of course better than cure. Likewise in this case. By storing your jewelry properly, you also have to clean it less often. But what's the best way to store your jewelry? We will explain that to you.

Proper storage means that you let the jewelry come into contact with oxygen, light and chemicals as little as possible. Not only is a silver polishing cloth included with every order, but also a luxury box is included. You can also store your jewelry in this. This way you protect them against the elements just mentioned and they last longer.

Of course you don't want your jewelry to come into contact with each other. So try to keep each piece of jewelry in a separate box. This will of course take up a lot of space, so a better idea might be: a jewelry organizer ! This way you can put each piece of jewelry in a separate compartment so that they will not scratch each other. Another bonus is that you won't lose your jewelry that quickly again. Who wouldn't want that!

TIP: Has your baby ever received his beautiful silver bracelet with name and wants to cherish this cute bracelet forever? Then put a plastic bag around the bracelet and make sure that there is as little oxygen in it as possible. This way the tire will oxidize to a minimum.

Now quickly grab that one discolored piece of jewelry from the closet and start cleaning. Do not forget to store your jewelry properly afterwards. This way your silver jewelry can last a lifetime!