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Engrave charm | KAYA Jewelry

Let KAYA engrave your charm and make your unique personal jewellery. By having an engraving placed on a charm, you carry your kids, loved one or a special quote with you all day long. From names and dates to sweet texts and symbols; you decide what you want engraved on the charm. Did you know that you can even have handwritten texts, drawings and fingerprints engraved on a charm in our jewelry webshop . A beautiful drawing by the kids or a handwritten text from a deceased loved one: now you carry a very unique and meaningful piece of jewelry with you!

Have a charm engraved for your loved one

Would you like to surprise your partner with an original gift? Search no further! Choose a charm with a name and have your name engraved on it, the most beautiful gift for your loved one. Combine the charm with a personalized ring in which you have your letters engraved. Or opt for a necklace and she will forever bear your name on her heart. Prefer to keep it a little more subtle? Then go for an engraving with initials or symbols. For example, think of a heart or star. Also very popular: the lemniscate. This infinity sign symbolizes infinite love, so a perfect gift for your partner! The choice is entirely up to you, you put together a charm for your loved one.

What can I have engraved in a charm?

From names to dates and from drawing to fingerprint jewelry , at KAYA we can engrave almost anything for you in a charm. We have engraving charms in all kinds of shapes: round, hearts, stars and even boys & girls dolls. You choose a charm, indicate in which color you would like to receive the charm and you fill in the desired engraving. Are you ready now? No, because you can even choose the font yourself. From sleek block letters to chic ornate letters. Every engraving charm is unique: designed by you with love.

Can I engrave a silver charm?

Yes, that's possible! Because our charms are solid silver, you can easily engrave in them. At KAYA we use three ways to engrave. Tanja has been engraving by hand in a traditional way for years. An engraving pen makes it possible to put texts on the silver charms, in Tanja's graceful handwriting. Prefer to choose your own font? Of course that is also an option. With our laser and engraving machines we can put the engravings neatly on the charm for you. The engraving machine punches the text or symbols out of the charm, as it were. The laser machine burns the text into the charm, turning it black. Which engraving are you going for?

A gold charm with engraving, how long will it stay beautiful?

Our gold jewelry and charms are gold plated. This means that they are silver on the inside, with a (rose) gold plated layer. We also call this type of jewelry gold plated . The outer gold layer is thick enough to remain in place even after the engraving of the charm. Keep in mind that gold-plated jewelry can discolour; if you do not take care of the jewelry properly, the gold layer can wear out over time.

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