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charm with name Charm with name | KAYA Jewelry

KAYA Jewelry is a specialist in personalizing jewelry. You can of course also shop for a charm with a name here! From round shapes to hearts and stars, we have a lot of different name charms in our collection. The chain with name has been on the rise for a long time. This zeroes eye-catcher is back with a vengeance. So shop your favorite name charm now and let us attach it to a chain. Do you prefer to wear bracelets? That is of course no problem, you order the name charm in combination with your favorite piece of jewelry. You decide!

Give a charm with your name as a gift

The most beautiful gift is a charm with the name of your loved one(s) on it. Whether it concerns the name of your partner, the names of your kids or your grandfather and grandmother. A charm with name is an incredibly precious gift for yourself or someone else. A gift that you put some thought and effort into - after all, you designed it yourself - will be appreciated! At KAYA we package all necklaces or bracelets with names in a luxurious jewelry box or silk pouch, so the gift is immediately ready to be given.

Charm with your child's name

Attention moms and dads, how wonderful it is to be able to carry your child(ren) close to you forever. Have your child's name engraved on a charm. Wear the charm with name on a bracelet so that you can always look at it. Or attach the charm to your necklace and you will always carry your children close to your heart. The love between parent and child immortalized in a piece of jewelry. For your partner, as a maternity gift or for your best friend who has just become a mother. This is the most beautiful gift for mom and dad: a charm with the children's names.

Can I have multiple names engraved in a charm?

We have a wide range of different types of charms. Some charms are large enough to have multiple names engraved on them, others are smaller. For each product we indicate the maximum number of characters that can fit on it. Do the desired names not all fit on the charm? Then consider adding a back engraving or an extra charm. A classic: the elegant bar on which you can have a name engraved on four sides.

Silver charm with name, will it stay beautiful for a long time?

Our silver charms are solid silver. An engraving therefore remains beautiful for a very long time. Became a bit dull? Just polish it with a silver cleaning cloth and it will shine like new again. You will receive this cloth free of charge with your order, because we believe it is important that your jewelry remains beautiful forever. You can choose from three different engraving methods. We have been engraving by hand for years, in an elegant handwriting with our engraving pen. We can neatly engrave the fonts with our engraving machine, which punches the names from the charm. Do you choose to have your own handwriting engraved? We place this on the charm in a black color with our laser machine.

Mix & Match the name charm with our jewelry

Where are you going to hang the name charm? Choose a suitable necklace or bracelet to hang your name charm on. Can it be an ounce more? Then mix & match with other charms, such as the mini, letter or heart charms . Do you want to make the jewelry extra personal? Then add the birthstone charms. The birthstones symbolize the twelve birth months of a year, each with its own meaning and special powers. This way you can add a matching birthstone to each name charm. We attach the chosen charms to your jewelry with love and precision.

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