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Buy slave bracelet at KAYA Jewelry

The slave bracelet is an oval, closed bracelet that you can slide over the wrist. The slave bracelet is also called bangle and is a very classic bracelet with a luxurious look. You can wear the silver or (rose) gold bangle evenly, or have it personalized. By having names, dates or a special text engraved in the slave bracelet, your slave bracelet is extra meaningful. No inspiration? Then go for a slave bracelet that already has a quote on it, such as: Friends for life, To the moon and back and more. You can already shop a slave bracelet with text from € 19.95.

What is a slave bracelet?

Although slave bracelets are extremely popular, not everyone is familiar with the meaning and history behind the slave bracelet. The most simple and practical translation of a slave bracelet is "a rigid bracelet that you can slide over your hand" . Nowadays, however, most slave bracelets open via a modern hinge closure. But what exactly is the meaning of the slave bracelet ? In the ancient Indian culture, the slave bracelet is seen as a symbol of love. Because of the completely closed finish, the slave bracelet stands for eternal commitment. Men could make these bracelets themselves and give them as gifts to their loved ones. This trend later spread to America and Europe. Of course incredibly beautiful and loving, but this is of course not the real meaning behind the slave bracelet. Because where does the name slave bracelet come from? Taken quite literally, the slave bracelet refers to the slave trade. The enslaved were handcuffed by the bracelet. The slave bracelet is therefore also called slave buoy, buoy bracelet or bomber buoy . To commemorate the ancestors, the slave bracelet is still widely worn, especially in Suriname.

Personalized slave bracelet for women, teen and baby

The classic slave bracelet is for many women a piece of jewelry that should not be missing in the jewelry box. We totally understand, because this subtle bracelet has a very powerful appearance. That makes the piece of jewelery suitable for every occasion: the slave bracelet goes with every outfit. Whether you like a slave bracelet gold , silver or rosé: there is always a slave bracelet that will make you shine. And did you know that the slave bracelet is also available for teenagers, children and even babies? Completely in KAYA style: because that's how everyone sees that mommy and her mini-me belong together.

Have the slave bracelet engraved with your name

Looking for a classic and personal gift for mom or grandma? The slave bracelet with name is the perfect gift: she always carries her beloved partner or (grand) children with her. at KAYA you choose in which font you have the name or names engraved: this way the bangle fits the recipient completely. The slave bracelet is made of sturdy stainless steel: this way the bracelet will remain beautiful for years to come. Surprise mom, grandma or your best friend with a classic slave bracelet with name; packaged in a luxurious jewelery box with a silver polishing cloth, this is a party to give and receive.

Engrave up to 22 characters on a bangle bracelet

Did you know that you can engrave texts of up to 22 characters on the bangle bracelet? There is even twice as much space on the double bangle. This way you can place several names or even a sweet text or quote on the bangle. That makes this bracelet a suitable gift for any occasion. Think, for example, of your niece who graduated, your best friend with whom you have been friends for 10 years or your sister who is becoming a mother for the first time. Think of a sweet text or quote, choose your font and add another symbol. Tadaa! You have put together a very meaningful bangle.

KAYA's slave bracelets are stainless steel

Please note, our slave bracelets are not made of silver, but of stainless steel. This is known for not discoloring with, for example, showering or swimming and is allergy-free. Stainless steel - also called stainless steel (SS) - is a composition of different materials that makes it super strong. So with a stainless steel bangle you not only have a unique and timeless piece of jewelry, but also a piece of jewelry made of durable material of high quality. Did you know that at KAYA Jewelry we have many more stainless steel jewelry in the collection?

Order your bangle online now, shipping is always fast

At KAYA you can easily and quickly put together your personal slave bracelet. Your bangle will be engraved with love and luxuriously packaged. It's a party to open the package. The slave bracelet will be sent quickly and free of charge by letterbox post when spending from € 20. So you can often wear your new piece of jewelry the next day or give it as a gift, how nice is that? Whether you go for a slave bracelet silver , gold, double or single: you will certainly shine.

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