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fingerprint jewelry

Fingerprint jewelry: the most personal piece of jewelry

With a fingerprint jewelry you give yourself or someone else a very special and meaningful jewel as a gift. With her deceased mother's fingerprint on a ring, you give your wife a powerful talisman. Thanks to the luxurious key ring with fingerprint, grandpa always feels his lost wife close. These are not just any jewelry, they are beautiful items that radiate strength, hope and love. What makes a piece of jewelry with a fingerprint extra special: each individual has their own print and that makes the piece of jewelry truly unique. There is therefore nothing more personal than a piece of jewelry with a fingerprint. Choose from our range of rings, necklaces and bracelets with fingerprints and go for the jewel that makes you feel good. You can also choose to supplement the fingerprint jewelry with extra meaningful charms or an engraving on the back. At KAYA we work with the most beautiful materials: 925 sterling silver, 18 carat gold plated or 18 carat rose gold plated. This way your emotionally valuable piece of jewelry remains beautiful forever.

Fingerprint jewelry to carry memories with you

A fingerprint jewelry is often used as a memorial piece of jewelry. A lost loved one is remembered and carried into life. Such a piece of jewelry has a high emotional value thanks to the beautiful memories you have of a loved one. You wear the bracelet, ring ornecklace with fingerprint every day and always feel the presence of your lost loved one close by. Thanks to this piece of jewelry, you will think back to them at different times with a smile and a tear. Beautiful right? It is incredibly beautiful to have a fingerprint engraved on a piece of jewelry. This way you have a beautiful memory and you always carry your loved one close. At KAYA Jewelry it is also possible to order a necklace with a photo or handwritten text. Do you still have a handwritten card from your deceased grandmother? We engrave the text on a piece of jewelry of your choice with love and attention.

Have a fingerprint jewelry made

Have you lost a loved one and would you like to keep him or her close? You can then choose to have a fingerprint jewelry made. At KAYA we are of course happy to help you with this. We believe that jewelry is not just accessories, but also tells stories. You will find various fingerprint jewelry in our webshop: from necklaces and bracelets to even a ring with fingerprint . Because this jewel is a tribute and warm memory to your loved one, you can put it together yourself. For example, you choose a silver or (rose) gold piece of jewelry, upload one or two fingerprints and you have the choice of having them printed in a circle or heart. Can't quite figure it out? Then you can always contact our customer service team. They will help you calmly and competently.

How can I further personalize fingerprint jewelry?

If desired, you can further personalize the fingerprint jewelry you have composed. For example, you can choose to have the back of the printed charm also engraved. People often place a date, name or sweet word here. We also do not turn a blind eye to handwritten texts. Do you still have a note or card somewhere with a handwritten text from the deceased loved one? Upload a photo and we will place the text on the jewelry for you. In our collection you will also find a lot of meaningful charms: from hearts and pearls to, for example, a family tree. Expand your fingerprint jewelry with your own chosen charms to make it even more personal. We will of course attach all loose charms to the jewelry for you.

Ordering jewelry with fingerprint, how does that work?

We have made ordering fingerprint jewelry as easy as possible in our webshop. You naturally start by choosing the piece of jewelry that suits you best. Will it be a necklace, bracelet or luxury ring? On the product page you then go through the selection menu: which material - or in which color - do you wish to receive the jewelry? What size do you need and would you perhaps like an engraving on the back or inside? Make sure you go through all the steps carefully and tell us how we can engrave the fingerprint: in a heart shape, round with an edge or round without an edge. You then upload a sharp photo of the fingerprint and place the order. All information will be sent to us immediately and we will get to work for you. This way you can easily order fingerprint jewelry online!

A fingerprint jewelry, how do you make that?

It remains special how we can make meaningful and especially unique fingerprint jewelry every day. This jewelry of high emotional value has a slightly longer delivery time in our webshop than other jewelry. We are happy to explain to you how that works. As soon as your order arrives in our system, we will start working on it. Our process starts with assessing the quality of the (photo of the) fingerprint. We then process the print: we digitally cut the clearest and recognizable part of the fingerprint to the correct format. We then place your chosen piece of jewelry in the laser machine & the fingerprint is engraved. Making fingerprint jewelry is an extremely rewarding task because of the unique value that people attach to it. We like to take our time for this and always aim for the highest possible quality.

Everything starts with the fingerprint that you provide to us

To place a beautiful and, above all, clear print on the jewelry, it is important that your upload is of good quality. We must be able to distinguish clear lines in the fingerprint and the quality of the photo also plays a major role. The image should not be blurry, out of focus or too dark. So make sure you make a good fingerprint before placing an order. Sometimes we receive a very good fingerprint, and in Photoshop we make the contrast even clearer. Do you choose a heart? The print is then processed into a heart shape, where we try to capture as much of the characteristic of the fingerprint as possible. Are you going for a round print? We then edit the upload in a round shape, here we also include the most characteristic part of the fingerprint.

The fingerprint goes into the laser engraving machine

The edited fingerprint can now be placed in the Laser engraving machine. The machine recognizes the black lines and adopts them. This way we can completely engrave a heart or disc. The powerful laser engraves the print very deeply, you can feel the grooves with your nail. Then we sand and polish everything, so that the burnt remains disappear and the shiny silver reappears. So you certainly don't have to worry about the engraving wearing away over time, the engraving is so deep.

Fingerprint Jewelry

"It was an exciting day. Her eldest child had to go to primary school for the first time today. Had she prepared everything well? Was the school bag packed properly? And wouldn't her little one hate it, all alone in such a new world? Unconsciously she felt her fingers running over the grooves and lines of her ring. That gesture often reassured her. It felt as if her mother was there for a moment, looking over her shoulder, giving a nod of approval. She looked at her hand, where the fingerprint of her mother, who died last year, appeared on a ring. To the outside world it seemed like an elegant pattern, but she knew that it was a very personal piece of her mother, and in difficult moments it provided a little support. With a sigh she straightened her shoulders, put on a cheerful face, and walked off to a new adventure with her little one." Fingerprints are almost art, with their interplay of lines and unexpected twists. Very cool to wear that on a piece of jewelry. Personal, yet stylish, the best of both worlds.

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