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Fingerprint jewelry, the most personal jewelry

There is nothing more personal than fingerprint jewelry! And every piece of jewelry is unique because every individual has their own fingerprint. Choose from our range of fingerprint rings, necklaces and bracelets and go for the pendant that feels best for you. You can also choose to supplement with extra charms or an engraving on the back. At KAYA we work with the most beautiful materials: 925 sterling silver, 18 carat gold plated or 18 carat rose gold plated. Top notch craftsmanship, without paying the highest price.

Have a fingerprint jewelry made

Would you like a piece of jewelry with a fingerprint at an affordable price? Then you have come to the right place at Kaya Jewelry . We have a beautiful collection of necklaces, bracelets and even the ring fingerprint can be engraved entirely according to your own wishes on the highest quality 925 sterling silver, 18 carat gold plated or 18 carat rose gold plated. Every piece of jewelry is made with love and attention.

How can I further personalize fingerprint jewelry

You can further personalize the fingerprint jewelry at KAYA Jewelry if you wish. You can also have the back of the pendant engraved, for example with the name or special date. Handwritten texts, we don't turn our hand for that. We even engrave a drawing with love on your unique piece of jewelry. If you choose one or more charms, we will also attach them to the jewelry you have chosen. Nothing stands in the way of making that one unique personal piece of jewelry.

Fingerprint jewelry to carry memories with you

A fingerprint jewelry is often used as a memorial jewelry for a lost loved one. Such a piece of jewelry has a high emotional value thanks to the beautiful memories attached to it. How beautiful is it to have the fingerprint engraved on a piece of jewelry? This way you have a beautiful memory and you always carry your loved one close to you. At KAYA Jewelry it is also possible to order a necklace with a photo or handwritten text. Do you have a handwritten card from your deceased grandmother? It is also possible to have this engraved.

Order jewelery with a fingerprint, how does that work?

First of all, choose the desiredfingerprint necklace , bracelet or ring and choose the desired color. Then take a picture of the fingerprint and upload it in the menu. If desired, you can also upload a handwritten text in the menu. Make sure the text is clearly legible and avoid details that are too small for a good result. Easily order your fingerprint jewelry online! 

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