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paw print engraving

Engrave your dog's paw print

Just as a fingerprint is unique for every person, a paw print is unique for every cat and dog. Every paw print tells its own story, the story of your dear, loyal four-legged friend! Have this paw print engraved on a charm for a bracelet or necklace. By having this engraved, you always carry a personal and irreplaceable memory of your four-legged friend with you. For many people, their dog is part of the family. By wearing the dog paw print engraving close to your heart or wrist, you will always feel the special bond you have with your pet.

We help you make the perfect paw print

The perfect paw print is the print that exactly reflects the love for your dog. But how do you get the perfect impression of that sweet, beautiful paw? We help you with that. We have a set that you can order with this product. This allows you to stamp the foot, as it were. We use this print again to make the paw print engraving that you can have made on your bracelet or necklace. If your dog is very energetic, do it with two people so that you get the best possible print. But this set can also be used for a deceased dog. This way you can always carry a precious memory with you. [link list]