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necklace with letter

Assemble a necklace with a letter

A letter necklace is personal and extremely trendy. Have your initial engraved on an engraved charm or choose block letters on a chain. You can put together an initial necklace any way you want. For example, combine the colors silver, gold and rose with each other. Or mix & match with other necklaces and charms. This way you put together your own personal piece of jewelry.

Top 5 most popular letter necklaces

Because the letter necklace is so popular, we have put together a wide collection for you. Ready to personalize. To make your choice a little easier, we have listed the top 5 bestsellers for you below.

  1. Necklace with initials 'Olivia', engraved with 1, 2, 3 or 4 letters
  2. Letter chain 'Big Initial', choose as many block letters as you want
  3. Necklace with letter engraved on a medallion
  4. Necklace 'Vintage Disc' with initials, in silver, gold or rose
  5. Letter chain 'Initials', where the letters are incorporated into the chain

3 reasons to buy an initial necklace KAYA Jewelry

If you are looking for a nice necklace with one or more initials, KAYA Jewelry is the right place for you. This chain is back with a vengeance. You see more and more people wearing the letter necklace, even famous Dutch people such as Chantal Janzen and Doutzen Kroes! Three reasons to order from KAYA Jewelry:

  1. Much choice! You can put together exactly the initial necklace that suits you from our wide range, in the color you want, with the font that suits you. And you can mix and match endlessly with, for example, charms or a matching bracelet with letters .
  2. Sharp price! All initial necklaces from KAYA Jewelry are produced in-house and we have many satisfied customers who return for gifts. This allows us to keep the price low and you can purchase your jewelry at a competitive price.
  3. Fast delivery! As soon as we receive an order, we will get to work for you. We engrave your initials and put the jewelry in a beautiful gift box. Your order will be delivered to PostNL the same day so that you can wear your beautiful jewelry the next day.

Frequently asked questions about KAYA's letter necklaces

Can I combine a necklace with a letter?

Yes! Doing! The more colorful the mix & match, the more personal your jewelry combination is. What is trendy is the so-called layering, where different necklaces are worn together. A combination that we see a lot is a letter necklace that is worn together with a zodiac sign necklace and birthstone jewelry . If you prefer to stick to one necklace, you can also combine it with a ring or a bracelet with a letter . This is how you combine your beautiful, personal set of jewelry. 

Why buy a letter and symbol necklace?

A letter necklace is popular! The piece of jewelry has become an indispensable part of the street scene within the jewelry industry. At KAYA Jewelry the necklace is available in all shapes and sizes and ensures that you can always carry your loved one(s) with you. Thanks to the different symbols such as the heart, infinity sign, asterisk and four-leaf clover, you give the letter chain extra flair. A meaningful piece of jewelry for every occasion, also as a mom necklace !

Can I buy a necklace with 3 or 4 letters?

The answer is yes! The letter necklaces vary from space for one letter to necklaces with up to seven letter charms . Are you still short? It is always possible to have individual charms with initials added. There is plenty of room for everyone you love. If you have a special wish, please contact our customer service , we will be happy to advise you what is and is not possible.

Are the initial necklaces made of real silver?

All jewelry on this initial necklace page is made of .925 sterling silver. The gold and rose-colored jewelry is also .925 sterling silver at its core. They obtain their color through an 18 carat (rose) gold plated layer. These are gold-plated jewelry; silver on the inside and real gold on the outside.

Are the KAYA letter necklaces discolouring?

Unfortunately, it is possible for chains to discolour over time. If you want to know what you can do to prevent this, read our blog on how to prevent gold-plated chains from discoloring . With .925 sterling silver jewelry we call the discoloration 'oxidation', this is a black layer that can be caused by exposure to oxygen, sweat and other substances such as perfume. Fortunately, you can easily remove this black layer using a jewelry cleaning cloth. KAYA Jewelry supplies a KAYA cleaning cloth with every order.

Unfortunately, with 18 carat (rose) gold plated jewelry it can happen that the gold plated layer of the jewelry wears off. Whether and when this happens varies greatly from person to person. Any discoloration depends on the pH value of the skin. Wearing the necklace in the shower and using certain creams and perfumes can accelerate wear.

It is important to always take good care of your initial necklace. Avoid storing these in damp places and take out your cleaning cloth every now and then. This way you can enjoy your new letter necklace to the fullest.

Are there more letter jewelry for sale at KAYA?

“Then everyone can see that we belong together” is a quote from 5-year-old Kaya. She and her mother Tanja wanted to match with jewelry. Based on this statement, Tanja started KAYA Jewelry, with the main goal; personalized jewelry for the whole family. In our webshop you will not only find necklaces with letters, but also bracelets - for him & her - rings and loose charms or medallions with initials on them.

How do you make the letters of your jewelry black again?

Sometimes the black disappears from the letters of your jewelry. For example, because you polished it with silver polish (phew!!) and sometimes we don't know why. What matters is that the black layer that remains after blackening is a kind of 'paint layer', and that can always diminish or even disappear completely. Fortunately, there is a super simple trick you can do at home that will make the letters night black again! We make the most beautiful handmade jewelry. And once black has been made, we make the letters nice and black, so that a clear contrast is created. It is one of the features that makes our customers much more likely to choose hand-stamped jewelry over regular machine-engraved jewelry, because the letters are so clear. We make the letters black through a chemical process: we apply sulfur to them (for the chemists among us, Potassium Sulfide). Real silver reacts with this sulfur and turns black. We let that take effect for a while, and then the sanding and polishing of the jewelry starts. However, the black letters can lose their 'color' over time. Don't worry, that's easy to solve.

A few more tips

- At first it seems as if the marker will never come off your jewelry. But that's not the case, with some hard brushing (use your elbows a lot!!) it will come off again.
- You can buy a silver cloth at the jeweler. Most people have one at home, they are often bright yellow or pink.
- The dirtier your silver cloth, the better it works! So don't throw away your cloth if it turns black.
- Only polish with a silver cloth. If you start using grandma's home remedies (soda, aluminum foil and that nonsense!), the warranty on your jewelry will be void. Never do that!
And voilà, a beautiful piece of jewelry that shines for a long time and has black letters. Repeat as often as necessary, this will not harm your jewelry.

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