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wedding jewelry

Unique bridal jewelry for your special day

Are you getting married soon and are you looking for a beautiful bridal jewelry set? KAYA jewelry makes your wedding day complete. Whether you like silver, gold or classic pearls, there is a suitable piece of jewelry for every bride in our bridal jewelry collection. It is important that the bridal jewelry suits you as a person and that it forms a beautiful whole with that beautiful wedding dress. From a subtle earring to a slightly chunkier bracelet with charms : these glittering bridal jewelry will make you shine extra. At KAYA we are ready to make your wedding a radiant and unforgettable day.

Personalize your wedding jewelry

Want to personalize the bride's jewelry? At KAYA you have come to the right place for this. Your names, the wedding date or a symbol with valuable meaning, everything is possible. What makes wearing this personalized bridal jewelry extra special: it is a subtle and tangible reminder of this very special day. This way you can always dream away later and relive this special moment. Recording the wedding date or names in wedding rings or other bridal jewelry is an invaluable tradition of many years. You may know it from your own grandparents: these rings take on extra meaning when they are passed on to the (grand)children after many loving years.

From bridal necklace to bride's earrings

The KAYA bridal jewelry collection is for every bride with the desire to shine. From bracelets with classic and timeless pearls to a personal bridal necklace with engraving. Do you prefer to keep it small and subtle? Then go for a beautiful set of bridal earrings. Our secret favorite for weddings? The collection with infinity jewelry: this infinity sign literally symbolizes infinite love. How special is that? Whatever bridal jewelry you choose, at KAYA your order will be engraved and packaged with love. You will receive your jewelry in a luxurious jewelry box, so that you can store the jewelry neatly until the big day. A small wedding gift from us to you.

Jewelry for bridesmaids

Although you as the bride are of course the center of attention of the day, you also want your bridesmaids to look fantastic. They will also be happy with a unique piece of jewelry especially for your special day. This tangible keepsake is the perfect gift for bridesmaids . Thank them for their unconditional support and love in the run-up to the wedding. How they will shine!

Which jewelry is suitable for a wedding?

In principle, every piece of jewelry is suitable for a wedding. It is especially important that the jewelry suits you and the wedding dress. Do you choose silver or gold bridal jewelry? Do you keep it subtle or do you go for a more chunky piece of jewelry? It is your day and so you are in charge, but we can give you some bridal jewelry tips . In any case, keep in mind that you will probably want to keep the jewelry for a lifetime. Therefore, make sure that you choose high-quality jewelry that will remain beautiful for a long time. For this reason, at KAYA you only shop jewelry made from the strongest materials. We work with .925 sterling silver, gold plated, stainless steel and freshwater pearls.

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