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The most beautiful jewelry sets at KAYA

Your dear mother, your best friend or your big sister: she means the world to you and you want to let her know that. Thanks to this new collection of jewelry sets, this is possible in a very special way. Surprise the woman who is always by your side with a subtle bracelet. This piece of jewelry makes her shine not only from the outside, but also from the inside. It says: I love you. And how nice is it that you not only make your mother, friend or sister happy with this piece of jewelry, but that you too can wear a beautiful bracelet. You are forever connected to her through the jewelry. The new jewelry sets are delivered on a luxurious pink card with a quote for mother and daughter, sisters or friends. Too nice to give as a gift if you ask us!

Luxury jewelry set for women

You probably remember it from the past: the friendship necklaces that you shared with your best friend. This set of necklaces, often each in the shape of half a heart, showed everyone that you belonged together. KAYA Jewelry was also created from this belief, but for mother and daughter jewelry. By wearing a matching set of jewelry, everyone can see that you are connected. In this new collection we have given the classic friendship chain a modern twist: luxurious bracelets as gifts for friends, mother & daughter and sisters . Thanks to the infinity set, you can tell your dear friend that your bond is forever: the infinity sign stands for infinite love. The mother and daughter set consists of an open and a closed heart, which fit exactly together. Three sisters share the bracelets with 3 hearts, each wearing a different closed heart. You already notice, there is a beautiful meaning hidden behind every women's set.

Jewelry set in silver or gold color

We have collected our favorite sets on this page especially for you. From luxurious sets to share to just a beautiful set of bracelets or layered necklace for yourself. All jewelry sets are made of the most beautiful materials: .925 sterling silver, gold plated or stainless steel. All sturdy materials that remain beautiful for a lifetime. Are you going for a subtle link bracelet or are you going for the classic pearls? The collection is so extensive that there is a suitable jewelry set for everyone. Whether you are looking for a chic and elegant set for a special occasion, or something more casual for everyday use. Many sets are extra special because you can personalize them. For example, think of names on a subtle bar bracelet or initials on the popular Olivia charm. Whatever you choose, this set is completely unique thanks to the engraving!

You will find the best gift at KAYA

If you are looking for a nice gift for your sister's birthday, for Mother's Day or simply because your best friend is always there for you, then KAYA is the right place for you. Shop a meaningful set to share or leave a sweet message on the classic bangle set. You know her best so you know exactly what she likes. The meaningful jewelry sets are made with love and always luxuriously packaged. With each piece of jewelry you will receive a cleaning cloth from us as a gift. This way the set is immediately ready as a gift. We believe that jewelry is for everyone, so we work with high-quality but affordable materials. You will always find a cheaper jewelry set in our webshop. We always ship quickly and free of charge for orders over €20. So quickly find your favorite set and surprise a loved one!

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