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"Let everybody know we belong together"

Thanks to this statement from my 5-year-old daughter Kaya, I got the idea to start my own jewelry webshop. Kaya wanted to wear a matching jewelry set with mom. Nowhere to be found... so i thought: "i'll design it myself!" The webshop, specialized in jewelry for mom & her mini-me, went live soon afterwards.

You will now find more than just mother-daughter jewelry at KAYA Jewelry. Together with a growing team I create unique & personal jewelry, each with its own story. This way you can always carry meaningful moments with you.

”More than 3.000.000 orders sold”

KAYA Jewelry was founded in 2012 by me, Tanja Rakhou. A small start-up in which I did everything myself. From stringing jewelry, to manually engraving charms to sticking stamps on the envelopes. I even engraved the first pearl bracelet at home at the kitchen table. Now - 10 years later - we are more than 3.000.000 orders further. With the number of orders, the number of employees also grew. A close-knit team of 33 employees ensures that your orders are made, packed and shipped with love, seven days a week. Now from its own office building with a beautiful view over Leiden.

We recently got the latest laser engraving machines, so now you can engrave not only standard fonts, but also your own handwriting, a child's drawing or a fingerprint of a loved one. We innovate and develop every day, we are never done learning and strive for the very best quality. We do this because we understand that a piece of jewelry - your piece of jewelry - carries a unique and personal story.

What we stand for..

Quality and precision

The team and I treat every piece of jewelry with integrity and precision. Because we provide a lot of customization, we think it is important to communicate well with our customers. For example, if you upload a fingerprint, and we think the quality can be improved just a bit, we will always let you know. The ultimate goal is that you wear the (emotionally) valuable piece of jewelry with pride.

For the whole family

The love between a mother and her daughter is forever. The love between me and my daughter Kaya even forms the basis for the creation of KAYA Jewelry. That's why I think it's important to let more moms & their mini-me shine. But the dads and their lookalikes are not forgotten either. My goal is to capture their stories in unique jewelry. This way you always carry the most precious stories close to your heart. Every KAYA Jewelery is personalized for you with love.

Affordable for everyone

It was immediately clear to me. Start a jewelry webshop which is accessible for everyone. Of course i wanted jewelry made of the most beautiful materials such as sterling silver, real freshwater pearls and 18 carat gold plated. Because we design and produce all our jewelry in Leiden, we can keep it affordable. We also do not spend large budgets on marketing campaigns or influencers. I believe in a fair price, for our supplier and for the customer. In this way, our jewelry remains affordable, because inspiring, unique and valuable stories do not have a price tag.

In addition to making your story tangible, I also like to contribute to a new story. A story set in Gambia. That is why I donate an amount to the Eduki foundation for every piece of jewelry sold. As a result, twenty Gambian children are now going to school, on their way to a brighter future.

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