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Earrings for everyone

At KAYA Jewelry you will find earrings for everyone! Whether you are looking for children's earrings , pendants, buttons, unicorn earrings or earrings with birthstone . We have it all! All our earrings are made of high quality .925 sterling silver and when you buy a set of earrings you automatically support a good cause!

Earrings silver, gold or rose gold

Women or little ladies often have a preference for gold, rose gold or silver earrings. Whether you like gold, silver or rose gold, we have it all! All our earrings are made of 925 sterling silver through and through. Our gold and rose gold earrings are also silver, but with an 18 carat (rose) gold plated layer. Gold earrings are back in trend these days and you see gold earrings more and more often among influencers. Silver is the trend for children's earrings. And the demand for rainbow earrings is also increasing, so of course you will also find them in our collection.

Earrings with birthstone

We have also included earrings with birthstones in our range especially for the moms among us. Each month of birth has its own birthstone. Always wear your son or daughter close to you with ladies earrings with a birthstone of your son or daughter. You match the earrings with a fine necklace for women .

Finish your outfit with jewelry; buy earrings

An outfit is only really complete with jewelry. Whether you have a strong preference for bracelets, necklaces, rings or earrings. Complete your outfit with every piece of jewelry. Of course you can also combine several pieces of jewelry! When you order a set of earrings at KAYA Jewelry, these are always luxuriously packaged in a pink jewelry box. Nice to give and nice to receive. When purchasing silver earrings or (rose) gold earrings, you will also receive a silver polishing cloth to polish the earrings from time to time; that way they always remain beautiful.

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