How is my paw print jewelry made?

At KAYA we specialize in making unique, personal jewelry. Whether it concerns text, a handmade drawing or the print of a finger or animal paw, we no longer turn our backs on it. Using professional equipment, we can easily engrave the paw of your four-legged friend into the piece of jewelry that suits you. Are you curious how we do that? We would like to let you take a look at KAYA's 'kitchen'. This way you can see how we transform your photo upload into a beautiful piece of jewelry that you will wear with love.


Choose jewelry with a paw print

It obviously starts with choosing your jewelry. At KAYA we have a wide range of sterling silver or gold plated jewelry. We charge great prices because we believe it is important that it should be accessible to everyone to have a tangible memory of their four-legged friend. There is therefore a suitable piece of jewelry for everyone in our extensive collection. Don't just personalize the necklace or bracelet with a paw print, but make it even more personal by, for example, having the name of your four-legged friend engraved. Would you like to know more about the possibilities? Then view the page with our collection of paw print jewelry , or read the blog with paw print jewelry inspiration .

necklace paw print name cat hand engraving

Uploading the paw print

The most important thing is that we have a sharp photo of the paw print. The quality of this photo determines the end result of your jewelry. A paw print is best made with our ink pad . Was the paw print made by the vet? No problem, we can also make a meaningful piece of jewelry from this print. Are you not sure whether your dog or cat's paw print is suitable for engraving? The girls from our customer service are happy to take a look with you.

We edit the photo into an image that we can engrave

As soon as we receive your order, we will start working on it. We first check whether the paw print is of sufficient quality to make an engraving. If we think the print could be improved, we will contact you. We will then ask you to take a new paw print and/or a sharper photo. If it is not possible to make a new print, for example due to a death, we will always look for a solution together with you.

If the paw print is satisfactory, we will process it. For example, cleaning up the edges. This means that we remove smudges so that the shape of the paw print becomes clearly visible. We ensure that the image is cropped to the correct size. This way we can be sure that it fits perfectly on the piece of jewelry you have chosen. We work with high-quality techniques and editing programs to get the best results from the paw print.

Engraving with professional machines

The final step is engraving the print on the jewelry. We use two types of professional engraving machines for this. Whichever method you choose, we deliver very beautiful and durable products with these engraving methods. This way your paw print jewelry will last a lifetime.

1. The laser engraving machine

Our laser burns the paw print into the jewelry, leaving a black engraving . Because the paw print is actually burned into the jewelry, it remains clearly visible forever. With the laser, the paw print becomes visible as a black engraving on the jewelry, so the print really comes to life and is very visible. You can see an example of this in the image above.

2. The needle engraving machine

Or we can engrave the paw print into the jewelry, making the silver core of the charm visible . You can see an example of this in the image below. We use a needle engraving machine for this, which uses a sharp needle. The sharp needle peels off the outer layer of the charm, revealing the layers underneath. This will make the paw print clearly visible.


Bracelet engraving paw print cat dog gold plated

A loving package through the letterbox

Creating your paw print jewelry takes just a little more time than a necklace with a name. This mainly has to do with assessing and processing the paw prints. As a result of our years of experience, we work with optimized processes that make it possible to deliver jewelry with paw prints within a few days. We make all jewelry in our studio in Leiden, so quickly. As soon as your jewelry is ready, we pack it neatly in a luxurious jewelry box and then send it in the mail. This way you will receive the unique piece of jewelry quickly!

Need more inspiration?

Have you become enthusiastic? Then take a look at our collection where you can engrave a paw print of your dog . Or cat of course, let's not forget those stubborn rascals ;) And if you want advice on how to make a good paw print, read this blog with tips on how to make a perfect paw print for your dog or cat .