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Engraved bracelet, wear your loved one close to your heart

Do you prefer to carry your children, a special word or your loved one with you all day long? Then this collection of engraved bracelets is for you. Summarize your touching moment, friendship or maternal love in a piece of jewelery and tell your own story as a 'handwritten note'. Pure, traditional and a personal gift to always cherish. Tip! A bracelet with engraving also works great asa baby bracelet .

Engrave bracelet with name, date or text

At KAYA you can have your favorite bracelet engraved. Each personalized piece of jewelry is made by hand piece by piece, giving each piece a personal touch. This way you can put your touching moments, special dates, dear friendships or maternal love in a piece of jewelry and tell your own story. Jewelery engraving is inspired by the 'handwritten' letters of the past. Where the modern world is mainly digital, this engraving gives that extra personal touch to this gift. For example, choose a sturdy jasseron bracelet with engraving charms , chic and trendy at the same time, or go for the classic slave bracelet . Pure, traditional and a personal and unique piece of jewelry to always cherish.

KAYA's bracelet engraving collection

At KAYA Jewelry there are many engraved bracelets to choose from. You can choose from pearl bracelets, fine bracelets and charm bracelets where the charm is engraved. But you can also have the slave bracelets engraved. The space for engraving is often sufficient on a slave bracelet , also known as a bangle. Personal messages that are a bit longer are therefore more often engraved on bangles. A nice text, a name + date or coordinates is therefore also possible. And how nice is it that we have also thought of the men, give your husband a personalized bracelet with the letters of your children on it. The bracelet with name is the perfect gift for man & woman!

Carry your (grand)children close with an engraved bracelet

Always the (grand)children close by with a ladies' bracelet from KAYA. Go for a bracelet with a letter or have a name engraved on a bracelet and capture your love for loved ones in a piece of jewelry. With the silver necklace Intertwined Circles, a bracelet or a birthstone ring from Swarovski. They can be personalized with a name, a sweet word, a date or even birth flower . Made with care from sterling silver, gold or rose gold plated. For dad, you can shop the men's bracelet with engraving!

A jewel full of emotion; engraving your bracelet

A little woman loves jewelry and what could be better than giving a mother a piece of jewelry that always reminds her of her children? The mama collection from KAYA, by designer Tanja Rakhou, consists of elegant silver jewelry that is engraved by machine or by hand in elegant writing letters. A name, a date, a special message, everything is possible. You can of course also go for an engraved necklace or have a ring engraved . If you are allergic to silver, take a look at our collection of stainless steel jewelry . Even better: part of every piece of jewelry sold goes to the Eduki Foundation, which ensures that children in The Gambia can go to school.

Personal, unique and with craftsmanship

KAYA Jewelry loves people, touching moments, friendship and maternal love. You can see that in every design. The bracelet with name engraved is inspired by 'handwritten' letters from the past. In addition to the words, each piece of jewelry tells a unique story. With this beautiful personalized jewelry from KAYA you always carry your loved ones close to you. A sweet gift with its own story. Have that silver ladies bracelet engraved quickly ladies!

Frequently asked questions about KAYA's engraved bracelets

Where can I buy an engraved bracelet?

At KAYA Jewelry you will find a wide range of engravable bracelets. From sturdy jasseron bracelets to the subtle classic bar, each bracelet has its own charm. Thanks to a personal engraving you make the piece of jewelery completely your own.

Which bracelets are nice to give as a gift?

We notice that all bracelets are suitable as a gift. Logical, because how cool is it to receive an engraved bracelet as a gift? Popular are the classic bangle bracelet and the infinity bracelet with name or date, which one are you going for?

Can I engrave a heart bracelet?

That's certainly possible! We can engrave different symbols on our bracelets, such as hearts, stars and the infinity sign. You can also think of different flowers or constellations. Another design in mind? Mail us and discover the different possibilities!

Are the engraved bracelets made of real silver?

A large part of the engravable bracelets at KAYA Jewelry are made of .925 sterling silver. The gold and rose-colored jewelry is also often .925 sterling silver in the core. They obtain their color through an 18 carat (rose) gold plated layer. Some jewelry, such as the popular bangle, is made of stainless steel (stainless steel), an affordable material that can last a lifetime. Always check in the description of your desired piece of jewelry which material it concerns.

What is the delivery time of bracelets with engraving?

Fast delivery - that is what KAYA Jewelery stands for. When you order an engraved bracelet, we will get started right away. Most bracelets ship within 24 hours. From the moment of shipment, the average delivery time within the Netherlands is one to two working days. Shipments to Belgium take an average of five working days to arrive. Some mother daughter jewelry has a longer delivery time, these are more complicated in the personalization process. We therefore state an expected delivery date on every product page. Before placing the order, always check the expected delivery date of your jewelry. We do not charge shipping costs for your mailbox package above € 20.

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