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birth flower jewelry

Beautiful birth flower ornament

Did you know that in addition to birthstones, there are also very special birth flowers? Each birth month has a unique birth flower with special meaning. You can of course bring a bunch of roses (June) or chysanthemums (November) into your home, but these flowers will wither after a week. Thanks to KAYA, you can carry your birth flower with you forever. Put together a bouquet yourself with the birth flowers of your loved ones and give yourself a lasting bouquet of flowers as a gift. Of course you can also put together a bouquet for someone else. This way you will be at your doorstep with a very unique bouquet of flowers on your birthday or baby shower!

Birth flower jewelry silver

Maybe you normally go for a very colorful bouquet of flowers, or you coordinate your bouquet of flowers perfectly with your interior. This birth bouquet should above all match your outfit; Are you going for a bracelet or birth flower necklace ? And do you choose a gold or silver birth flower jewelry? Our silver birth flower jewelry is made of the highest grade .925 sterling silver. We think it is important that your birth flower is placed on a sturdy piece of jewelry, so that it does not lose its shine. This way you can keep your loved ones close forever with this unique bouquet.

Birth flower jewelry gold

Do you prefer to wear gold jewelry? Then you have of course come to the right place at KAYA. You put together your desired bouquet yourself and we will engrave it for you on a gold-plated bracelet or necklace. This jewelry is also made of sturdy .925 sterling silver. They are finished with a luxurious 18 carat gold plated layer. Unlike what you are used to with a normal bouquet of flowers, you do not need to water these birth flowers. The jewelry will lose its gold layer if it comes into contact with water or shampoo too often. Your birth flower bracelet or necklace is therefore always packaged in a luxurious jewelry box with a satin bow; This way you can neatly store the jewelry when you step into the shower.

Birth flower explained per month

Just like the birthstones and zodiac signs, birth flowers also have their own meaning. Are you curious about your personal birth flower and what this means for you? We have listed all birth flowers for you.

January birth flower

The snowdrop is associated with the birth month of January. This graceful white flower has a very beautiful meaning, because it represents hope and beauty. Did you know that snowdrops are also called "early risers"? It is one of the first flowers to bloom, signaling the beginning of spring.

February birth flower

If you were born in February, you are probably very modest. Your birth flower is the violet, which symbolizes modesty and loyalty. If you give this birth flower to someone else as a gift, you are essentially saying: I will remain loyal to you forever.

March birth flower

A new beginning! The cheerful daffodil heralds a new beginning. This fresh and radiant flower therefore makes a beautiful gift for your niece's graduation or the birth of a baby, for example.

April birth flower

Innocence, faithful love and purity: with its fine white petals, that is the meaning of the daisy. So we understand that the daisy with this meaning is also regularly used as a girl's name.

May birth flower

Anyone born in May has the lily of the valley as their birth flower. These flowers smell wonderful and they symbolize purity, sincerity and happiness. Did you also know that there is a real tradition surrounding these flowers? On May 1, you give a bunch of this wonderful flower as a gift to someone you love.

June birth flower

The birth flower of the month of June is the very well-known rose. In addition to its obviously loving meaning, the meaning of the rose is related to its color. For example, a red rose represents passion, a pink rose is said to bring good luck and the white rose symbolizes innocence.

July birth flower

July's birth flower, the water lily, is seen as the star of the water. She symbolizes, among other things, purity, amiability, fertility and femininity. A very powerful lady!

August birth flower

The poppy is the birth flower of the month of August. In a sense, this birth flower has a somewhat charged meaning: it shows the transience of life, because the rose withers immediately when you pick it. Fortunately, the birth flowers on KAYA jewelry cannot wither.

September birth flower

The powerful and loving aster is the birth flower of the month of September. If you were born in September, you may also be very patient. The aster symbolizes love, patience and wisdom.

October birth flower

Have you ever heard of cosmea? This flower symbolizes the birth month of October. As you might guess, the name comes from the Greek word cosmos. The cosmea therefore symbolizes order, peace and serenity in the world.

November birth flower

November's chrysanthemum is one that we all want to carry with us. This special flower symbolizes youth. In China and Japan the petals are even drunk in wine; people believe that this will give them a long life.

December birth flower

You can probably guess the birth flower of December: the holly. The holly symbolizes the hope for domestic happiness. Very appropriate in the festive month of December when many families come together.

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