What are gold plated jewelry?

You have probably heard of it: gold plated or gold plated jewelry. In a world where gold jewelry is becoming more and more popular, we can hardly ignore it. But what exactly is gold plated? We explain it to you.

What is gold plated? Jewelry with a gold layer

Gold plated: it sounds more complicated than it is. Gold plated jewelry is called gold plated jewelry in Dutch . Gold plated means that the piece of jewelry is not made entirely of gold. There is another metal that forms the base of the jewelry, often .925 Sterling Silver or Stainless Steel. A thin 14 or 18 carat gold layer is applied over this base: the piece of jewelry is gold plated. At KAYA Jewelry we use the most beautiful materials. We work with a .925 sterling silver base, with an 18 carat gold plated or rose gold plated layer on top.

What are the advantages of gold plated jewelry?

The biggest advantage of gold plated jewelry: they are a lot more affordable than all-gold jewelry. Because the jewelry is basically made of a cheaper metal, you can shop it very cheaply. The gold-plated gold layer ensures that the jewelry has a luxurious appearance, just like full gold jewelry. So are you looking for an affordable gold name necklace ? Gold plated is the solution!

Gold plated necklace with birthstone

Do gold plated jewelry discolour?

Are there no disadvantages at all to gold plated jewelry? Unfortunately, we will tell you all about it.. The gold-plated gold layer can wear out over time, revealing the - often silver - base material of the jewelry. Whether and when this happens varies from person to person. This is very dependent on the pH value of your skin. In addition, it is important to take good care of the jewelry. Wearing the jewelry in the shower and using certain cosmetic products can accelerate the discoloration.

How should I care for gold plated jewelry?

Have you just bought a new gold bracelet with name and are you afraid of discoloration? We give you a number of tips so that you can enjoy your new jewelry for as long as possible.

♡ Make it a habit to put on your jewelry at the end of your morning routine. That means: only after you have applied body lotion, deodorant, hairspray and perfume. The substances in these products can affect the jewelry, causing dullness and possible discoloration. For the same reasons, your jewelry is the first thing you take off at night. Make sure that the jewelry does not come into contact with, for example, your make-up remover.

♡ Do not step into the shower or pool with your jewelry. The chemicals in your shampoo and the chlorinated water will corrode your jewelry.

♡ We do not recommend wearing the jewelry while bathing, exercising or in bed. Store your jewelry neatly in a closed box. Your jewelry can also use a good night's sleep.

♡ The acidity of your skin (pH value) also influences the life of the jewelry. Do you know that the acidity of your skin is a bit higher? Try not to wear the jewelry 24/7. This way they last longer and you have a good excuse to shop different jewelry, you can alternate.