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girlfriend bracelets

Surprise your best friend with a friendship piece of jewelry!

Is it your best friend's birthday, are you celebrating a friendship anniversary or do you just want to surprise her? With a personal friendship piece of jewelry you say: thank you for being there for me, we will remain connected forever. Receiving such a special gift is of course fun for every friend, so KAYA has collected the nicest jewelry for friends. Each one is an original gift, which you put together for her with care and attention. Surprise your dearest friend with a beautiful girlfriend jewelry from our collection and your bond will become even stronger.

Special jewelry for your BFF

Would you like to surprise your best friend, but you have no idea what to give her? We will help you on your way. On this page full of friendship jewelry you will find a special piece of jewelry for your BFF. For example, go for a friendship bracelet or a friendship necklace to symbolize your friendship. We fell in love with the puzzle piece necklaces that you wear together, a nice variation on the classic broken heart from the past. Or how about this friendship bracelet, the slave bracelet ? Your names engraved in two bracelets, so that you are forever connected. From our office in Leiden we engrave the desired text on your jewelry with love and precision. We work with leading lasers and engraving machines to create a tangible memento of your band.

Friendship jewelry with engraving

Do you want to surprise your bestie with an original gift? An original gift for your girlfriend is one with a personal touch. You choose a friendship gift for your best friend especially for her. The gift only becomes truly unique by engraving it. How about a silver friends bracelet with your names, a sweet text or date in it? That is the most personal friendship bracelet you can get or give! Also very beautiful and subtle: two pendants with your initials engraved on them. You will certainly surprise her with such a personal piece of jewelry! This personal inscription gives the gift a special value and makes it a special memory forever.

Give a beautiful piece of jewelry as a gift to your best friend

This piece of jewelry that you have chosen with care will certainly appeal to your girlfriend! Almost all friendship jewelry can be provided with an engraving that gives the jewelry a personal touch. The jewelry is also immediately ready to be given as a gift. We neatly package each piece of jewelry in a luxurious gift box so that you can easily give the most special gift to your dear BFF. If you are sure that it is silver jewelry, take a look at our silver jewelry .

Want to personalize friendship jewelry? Of course that's possible!

For your girlfriend's birthday, you naturally want to show that you have chosen a gift with care and attention. This will certainly work with a personal gift from KAYA. For example, engrave both your names on the broken hearts, or create a personalized bracelet for your girlfriend. You will certainly be successful with such a special birthday gift for your girlfriend! A sweet quote or an inside joke, you decide which engraving we place on the piece of jewelry.

Silver friendship jewelry with greeting card

Would you like to give an extra sweet message with your friendship gift? Then go for a piece of jewelry with a greeting card. With meaningful lyrics like "I love you to the moon and back" and "Best friends forever" you let her know how much she means to you. It is a tangible reminder of the special and unbreakable bond that you have with each other as best friends. KAYA sells various designs with symbolic charms made of silver through and through. This way it stays beautiful forever. Do you sometimes find it difficult what to put on a greeting card? These quote greeting cards & jewelry say a lot about themselves and they are available for various occasions. So you can't go wrong with the beautiful quote jewelry cards.

At KAYA you get high quality for a competitive price

At KAYA we only work with the best materials. We understand that your friendship is forever, so our jewelry will last a lifetime. From luxurious .925 sterling silver to sturdy stainless steel, you can shop very high quality jewelry for friends with us. We keep our prices low, so that everyone can score a piece of friendship jewelry. Because the best friendships don't come with a price tag.

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